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.AAE file extension was developed by Apple and is very popular. It is categorized as a Data file and comes in the XML format.

Open AAE File

The file contains edit that is made to an image with Photos app and it is used on iOS devices.

The file extension is used for transferring non-destructive edits made by a user to .JPG images on an iOS device to the macOS system. You can find AAE files accompanying the images for which they contain edits.

As an Apple device end user, you might have come across the extension on your device, especially when going through your image folder. The extension is never available on windows device since Windows does not show it by default. If you want to transfer a photo with the .AAE file extension from an Apple device to a Windows device, the file will first be converted to a JPEG before being transferred.

It makes possible to keep the original photo image and any edit you might have made without overwriting it.

They are used by both iOS 8 and OS X 10.10; the former is the very first Apple device to use the file extension and the other ones came to the picture much later. If you are importing pictures to a Windows operating system from an iOS device, the JPG file will get transferred, but it will be left behind.

As a result, you will lose the edit. You can equally erase the .AAE files without deleting your pictures, but it will lead to the removal of any edit made to the pictures.

It is referenced by the Photo app anytime you are opening the JPG file associated with it. The data associated with it is saved in the form of XML and can be opened using a Notepad, TextEdit or any other text editor. In the next section of this write-up, we will look into various ways by which you can open it.

How to open .AAE extension

The method or tool you can use to open it depends a great deal on the operating system that you are using.

For those using Windows operating system, you can use programs like Microsoft Notepad to open it. You can also use virtually any other text editor. Many of them are available for use free of charge. They can be downloaded easily if you do not have them on your device already. Bear in mind that Notepad comes as a default addition to Microsoft devices.

For those using macOS, you can easily open the .AAE file by using tools like Apple Photos, Apple TextEdit or any other text editor that is compatible to Apple devices. Those using Linux Operating System can go for virtually any text editor to open it, like AbiWord, OpenOffice Writer, Boxer, Jarte, CodeLobster PPHP Edition, ConTEXT, WordPerfect and so on. Many of them are available for free download, but you will have to pay to access some other ones; the paid ones are WordPerfect, Boxer, EditPlus and even NoteTab.

File type: HitPlayer Audio Album


The audio album file generated by the HitPlayer application is represented by the ABM file extension. The audio data contained in this file format offers the user improved quality for sound reproduction which it achieves by combining two audio device sources by tapping on network resource feature sets.

The application supported by the file extension comes in two variants: the HitPlayer-L and the HitPlayer-B. HitPlayer-L is described as a digital based audio system that combines two separate standalone audio players using conventional IP network services for the delivery of superior audio solutions that cater to both automated and interactive audio programs.

This format file can support streaming, locally played back, and a combination of both for audio reproduction. The HitPlayer-B format is used for broadcast backup systems including mobile devices as well as programs that require rugged rack-mounted enclosures.


Detailed information 

Category: Audio Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: HitPlayer
Open with Linux: HitPlayer
The use of the ABM file extension supports the deployment of the audio system for transportation information, interactive audio systems, entertainment sound, public address, and background music.
The capability to use the IP2 Operating System does not only allow for remotely controlling various network connected devices and shared applications, it also provides the ABM file extension to be deployed as a cross-platform format.
The HitPlayer software is the initial catalog product to be produced by Digigram for the professional IP audio range and is used as the default application for every networked audio activities of the Aztec Radiomedia.

File type: FPK Archive


What is

The A file extension is closely identified with the 32- or 64-bit FPK Pascal (Free Pascal) compiler application. The software supports various types of processors like PowerPC, Intel x86, Sparc, AMD64/x86 64, and Motorola 680x0.

The compiler associated with the A format file can also be deployed in a wide array of computing platforms such as FreeBSD, Linux, SunOS (Solaris), NetBSD, DOS, Classic Amiga, BeOS, QNX, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X/Darwin, MorphOS, and 32-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

This compiles supports the excellent language syntax compatibility with the Turbo Pascal 7.0 (TP 7.0) including the Delphi development language. This compatibility extends to interfaces, widestrings, ansistrings, exceptions, rtti, and classes.

For Apple users, the application incorporates the Mac Pascal compatibility mode which also has a built-in support for global properties, operator overloading, and function overloading among others.

The generation of the A file extension along with runtime libraries and packages of the compiler are covered by modified Library GNU Public License in order to make the use of static libraries in the creation of programs.


Detailed information 

Category: System Library Files
File format: Open-Source
Open with Windows: Free Pascal Compiler
Open with Linux: Free Pascal Compiler
The action of the compiler is usually controlled by two distinct methods, command line options and the use of the fpc.cfg configuration file.
Initially, the compiler attempts to check the contents of the configuration file and then verifies for command line options respectively.
By following this process, the possibility of setting basic options in the configuration file including defining specific options is made easier when dealing with some programs or units.
The ppumve program takes every unit file then modifies the contents prior to compilation to identify the unit code in the library.
The new unit files will take the PPU file extension which can be changed by using the -e command option. Static libraries take the
A file extension while shared libraries are assigned the SO file format under the Linux Operating System environment. For OS/2 and the Microsoft Windows NT platform, the DLL file extension is used.

File type: Audio Video Interleave


What is

The AVI file extension is used with Audio Video Interleave files. This commonly used wrapper format or video container was created by Microsoft to contain video data. Files with the .avi format are encoded in various codecs and usually use minimal compression than other similar formats like MOV or MPEG.

It can be opened by a variety of video players but it must able to support the codec used in encoding the video data.

The files with the .avi are in a container format for multimedia which was first introduced in November 1992 by Microsoft.

It was a part of their technology called Video for Windows.

It is used to store both video and audio in a file container that enables synchronous playback of audio and video. Similar to the DVD format, the files with the .avi format are able to support multiple streaming of video and audio.


Detailed information

Category: Video Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: NullSoft Winamp, VLC Media Player, Roxio Easy Media Creator, CyberLink PowerDirector, Micoasft Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime Player, other movie players with the supporting codecs
Open with Linux: VLC Media Player, Xine Multimedia player
The format was derived from RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) that divides file data into chunks.
By using the RIFF format, audio and visual data in the movie chunk is encoded or can be decoded by a codec.
The codec is then able to translate between raw data and the compressed format used within the chunk.
A file with the .avi file extension can carry audio and visual data in the chunk in any compressed form.

File type: ASP.NET Source


What is

The .aspx file extension is an ASP.NET Source File. It pertains to Web pages and source files created using the ASP.Net Framework application.

The said program is a component of the .Net technology of Microsoft and is employed in creating rich and dynamic content for Web pages that allow the execution of embedded scripts at a rate much faster than any other online server. Web pages with the .aspx could be opened or viewed using any Web browser operated by Mac or Microsoft systems.

This is because the execution of all the scripts in the .aspx Web page is made on the server. The browser is therefore enabled to display Web page as a plain HTML.


Detailed information 

Category: Web Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Any Web browser
Open with Linux: Any Web browser
The ASP.Net has three kinds of server controls which help in the execution of the scripts in the source file .aspx. The first server control involves HTML Server Controls which refer to sets of traditional HTML tags.
These enable the ASP.Net to handle as its own the HTML tags. The second one includes Web Server Controls that are unique to the .aspx scripts and the third one involves the Validation Server Controls employed for validity input.



In this article we will see what is a .apk file and the best programs that open it. APK files are related to Google Android operating system.


What is The APK file format

The APK file format is developed by Google and it is categorized as an executable file. It is in the zip format also.

It has grown in popularity over time since these files permit the easy download of certain mobile applications that cannot be downloaded to Android devices via the conventional Google Play Store.

In this write-up, we will learn more about this unique apk file suffix, features, characteristics and related software.


Google Operating System Android

Android is a mobile operating system for Google and was created to work on Android devices. When you buy a new Android mobile device, it usually comes pre-installed with many apps.

If you need an app that does not come pre-installed, you can visit Google Play to download such an app in APK format. Once you download an app from Google Play, such an app gets installed automatically on your Android device with the .apk extension.

If you download apps from a source different from Google Play, you will have to follow a manual installation procedure before the app from an outside source can be available for use on your mobile device.

how to open apk file

In normal circumstances, the end user will never see the files since they are handled by Android during the app installation process; the process can occur via any app distribution platform like Google Play.

However, you can find many websites out there offering a direct APK file download for the benefit of android users that may want to install the apps following the manual procedure.

If you prefer the manual installation procedure, you will have to trust their party sources or platforms to install the app.

It is, however, important to be watchful of the external source from which such an app is downloaded. Since some of the eternal sources cannot be trusted; some of them may introduce malware or spyware to the mobile device.

Do not download the app from an external source except you can trust the source. They have the same capability of distributing malware just like .exe files and Windows.


open apk file


How to install an APK on the android device

Follow the instructions provided below to install it. Before you start the installation or downloading process, make sure the website or external source can be trusted.

Android permits the free installation of third-party apps, which is one of the major features that differentiate the Android operating system from iOS.

However, apps downloaded from a third party source will not be installed automatically unlike apps downloaded directly from Google Play.

The third party apps are saved on your mobile device as .APK and await your manual installation before it can be available for use.


Allowing the installation

Your Android mobile device is automatically set not to permit the download of third-party apps; you are, therefore, required to permit the download before you can proceed. Follow the steps below to permit the downloading and installation:

  1. Go to the Settings screen on your phone
  2. Click on Security and this will lead you to Android Security Settings
  3. Click on the checkbox opposite "Unknown Sources" to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  4. A dialog box then shows that warns you about the risk of installing apps from unknown sources.
  5. Click on Ok to start the downloading.

This setting allows you to download any app from an external source without ever visiting Google Play for the same purpose.


How to install 

You can either save it as an attachment to an email or download it from the web. If you got the APK as an email attachment, just click on Install to get it to your mobile device.

When you find it from the web, check the Download folder on your mobile device for the APK file and then click on it to install.

If your device is set not to permit installation from an external source, you may be asked to permit the third party installation before you proceed with the installation. After the installation completed, a confirmation message will show a confirmation message to tell you that the installation is completed.

After this, you can open the it on your mobile device.


Contents of APK File

APK stands for Android Packages and it contains every essential file for an android program. Check below for a list of folders and archives you can find in this format:

  • META-INF/: It contains a list of resources in the archive, including the signature and the manifest.
  • Lib/: It contains native libraries running on given device architectures
  • Res/: It contains resources not added to resource.arsc, like images
  • AndroidManifest.xml: It describes the name, contents, and version.
  • Classes.dex: It is a compilation of Java classes that should be run on the device .DEX.
  • Resources.arsc: It is the compilation of resources required by the app (ARSC), as strings.


Viewing the contents 

APK files saved on or mobile device in .Zip format. You can use any zip de-compressor tool to run them.

It is possible to rename it as .zip if you want to check the content you can also use a zip application's open dialog box to access the content.


How to open APK files

You can do it as described below. By default this apps can't be run. You have to download an install an emulator. Choose the operating system and select one of the free download programs mentioned to open the apk file.


Opening In Android

If you want to open it on your Android device, you can use Google Android program.


How to run and open it in Windows 10 on PC

The android package files cannot run on a PC by default. You have to download an android emulator or similar to do it.

To run and open it on a Windows 10 operating system or older versions on PC use any of the programs highlighted below:

  1. Noxplayer Nox
  2. Genymotion: It is an android emulator for PC. You have 1000 minutes free of charge with Genymotion.
  3. WinRAR 5
  4. 7-Zip
  5. Corel WinZip 23
  6. File Viewer Plus
  7. BlueStacks
  8. Google Android SDK

Programs that open it In Mac

You can also run it on a Mac operating system using any of the programs  below:

  1. Google Android SDK
  2. Nox Player Nox
  3. Apple Archive Utility
  4. BlueStacks
  5. Smith Micro DtuffIt Deluxe 16
  6. Genymotion


Opening In Linux

You can equally access them on the Linux operating system. The two programs you can use or this purpose are:

  1. Genymotion
  2. Google Android SDK.


Opening in Chromebook

Chromebook doesn't support by default these type of files. You have to download an install an android file manager, for example Solid Explorer to emulate, run and view these on your Chromebook.

Please note that to download the app you have to check the option "unknown sources". This is only available in developer mode.

How to convert APK files

You can convert them to .BAR This is to use the android package with your blackberry.

The conversion to ZIP is easy. Just rename the file from the suffix .apk to the suffix .zip and you are done.

File type: Adobe Illustrator File


The AI file extension is a type of vector image specifically created with the Adobe Illustrator image editing application. This file format is made up of paths or lines connected by points as opposed to bitmap data which includes text, color, and objects.

It is a type of illustrator drawing that can also be accessed with other applications developed by Adobe like Photoshop.

However, when opening the image with programs like Photoshop, it is converted into a raster image which essentially transformed it from a vector image format to a bitmap file. In computing terms, vector graphics like the AI file extension utilize geometric primitives like curves, lines, points and polygons in representing computer graphic images.

These shapes are all established through mathematical equations. This graphics type is complementary to raster formats which represent pixel arrays and is normally associated with photographs. Vector images are more applicable when creating drawings and shapes.


Open AI File

Category: Vector Image Files
File format: Proprietary
Open AI File with Windows: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, IMSI TurboCAD, ACD Systems Canvas
Open with Linux: N/A
It uses the mathematical formula in attempting to reconstruct the image on the computer screen.
This is usually achieved by producing the best possible quality image based on the given screen resolution derived by the mathematical data. The mathematical formula determines where the dots on the computer screen would be placed in order to achieve the best result in displaying the image represented by the AI file extension.
Essentially, the dots are arranged by the formula in such a way that the lines would be as clear as possible. In vector graphics like the AI file extension, the formula produces images which are scalable to practically any detail and size. The quality of the displayed image is dictated by the maximum resolution supported by the computer monitor including the file size of the vector data that would be required to generate the same image.
Printing this image on paper would produce a sharper image with a higher resolution compared to its onscreen representation.
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