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File type: Basic source code


The BAS file extension and all files with the said file extension are referred to as source code files. These files have been written in the BASIC programming language or Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instructional Code.

This high-level programming language has been the basis for a number of programming languages such as Microsoft Virtual Basic.

These days, files with the file extension .bas are written in what's called Visual Basic. Since the said file extension is a source code file, it then contains a statement sequence. The functions and content of the modules or files with the file extension BAS vary depending on what they had been programmed to do.

One such module is the USB Communication File, intended to enable Visual Basic to contact the USB devices and USB ports.

The files with the file extension BAS and are associated with the said function include the USBInterface.bas, OSInterface.bas, and HIDInterface.bas. However, their integration into the Visual Basic application requires the assistance of the file APIGID32.dll in order to function properly.

Detailed information 

Category: Program Executable files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Visual Basic, BBC BASIC, FreeBasic, TrueBASIC, PureBasic, REALbasic, PowerBASIC, Blitz BASIC.
Open with Linux: N/A
Files with the BAS file extension could also function like a Graphics Device Interface + API. The files intended for this kind of usage are responsible for a number of tasks including drawing menus, windows, and others which have been allotted for the file user32.dll. The GDI is generally among the three components of the Operating System of Microsoft Windows, together with the Windows API and kernel utilized for the user interface.


File type: ISAPI Loader Backup


The BACKUP file extension is affiliated with the ISAPI Loader Backup of the Current ISAPI Application. The ISAPI loader is the application ISAPI capable of unloading another ISAPI program. The said loader functions by unloading the presently loaded application ISAPI and substituting it with a new application of ISAPI. This entails three files including *.backup = a copy of the old .run, *.run = the currently loaded isapi application, and *.update = the new isapi application that will replace the old one.

Detailed information 

Category: Backup Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: ISAPI Application
Open with Linux: N/A
The BACKUP file extension is a copy of a file either from a hard disk or a floppy disk created to make sure that users' data are preserved in the event that the original file copy is lost, destroyed or damaged. Meanwhile, the ISAPI Loader which uses the BAKCUP file extension for its backup files is intended to allow users to update their ISAPI dll without having to shut down their Web servers.
When the users' sessions are not very volatile, the only interferences that the users would notice are the modifications being made.
This means faster updates. The ISAPI Loader is referred to as a 'stub' for the user's ISAPI application and has control over the unloading and loading of the user's DLL. When an update is made, the loader unloads the user's old DLL and a new one is loaded.
This function works such that before the loader even begins to unload the DLL, it allows the continuation of requests by current users while at the same time putting the new ones on hold. Once requests are processed by the previous DLL, the loader swaps the DLLs.
Upon loading the new DLL, all requests that have been put on hold are consequently processed by the new DLL.

File type: DVD info backup, Brother embroidery system file, indexer, update, contact manager backup.

What is

The most common use of the BUP file extension is as a backup file for the DVD IFO. Many programs like the InterVideo Win DVD, Apple DVD Studio Pro, and Nero ShowTime use this format as a backup file for their IFOs.

The IFO files are used in storing different information on a DVD such as the tracks and subtitles. The BUP file is helpful in case the IFO file is corrupted or unavailable for use. The media player will instead use the BUP file whenever the IFO is not available.

Detailed information 

Category: Backup files, System files, Data files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Softcode Tracker, PC-Bibliothek, CD Indexer, InterVideo Win DVD, Nero ShowTime
Open with Linux: Softcode Tracker, PC-Bibliothek, CD Indexer, InterVideo Win DVD, Nero ShowTime
On the other hand, the BUP file also works as a file for the CD Indexer. This application is an old program for Drive Mirror 2.
This can be used to create drives or CD mirrors. CD Indexer copies the entire file including its system, other hidden files, and the catalog structure.
Basically, this application works similar to a disk catalog, wherein the user can look for information through a search engine.
Any file created with the CD Indexer has the BUP file extension. Another old program using the BUP file is the Softcode Tracker.
For this, the file works as a backup for the contact manager. Also, the BUP file can work as an update file, specifically for the PC-Bibliothek application. For this, the file assists in the regular updating of the application. Brother Embroider


File type: CDRWin CD Image


The BIN file extension is employed by a number of programs that range from image disk programs to data storage.

The most typical definition is associated to Nero Burning ROM, a disk imaging software application.

The said is an archive file that contains complete data on the structure and content of optical storage devices such as DVDs and CDs and could also be employed using hard disk drives. The BIN file is a clone of a disk in the binary format and it contains all the pieces of stored data found in the original disc which can then be utilized for various purposes.

The pieces of binary information stored in the file with the .bin file extension include folders, files, boot loaders, data, and volume attributes that had been contained in the original file.


Open BIN File

Category: Disk Files
File format: Proprietary
Open bin file with Windows: Roxio Easy Media Creator, IsoBuster, Daemon Tools, EZB Systems UltraISO, Golden Hawk Technology CDRWin, Nero Burning ROM
Open with Linux: Roxio Easy Media Creator, Nero Burning ROM
Because the size of the file with the BIN file extension is much bigger than the original weight of the whole disc content.
Technology has come up with the .iso format that is smaller than the .bin file but is capable of containing as much data as the .bin file.
When the Nero Burning ROM is employed in copying a disc's content onto a computer's disk drive, it creates a file and the data is imported from the disc into the disk drive.



File type: Firefox Bookmarks Backup


The BAK file extension is employed by the Web browser Firefox in providing backups for the user's bookmarks file. Files with this are generated automatically by Firefox in the replacement of bookmarks when the main file gets corrupted.

Every time the Firefox application is installed in the user's computer system, it generates a new instance of the bookmark.html file and names it bookmark.bak.

In cases where the bookmark.html becomes corrupted, the Web browser Firefox retrieves the data contained in the bookmark.bak file right away and renames it so that it becomes the new file bookmark.html.

Now we will see how to open BAK File.


Open BAK File

Category: Backup Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Mozilla Firefox
Open with Linux: Mozilla Firefox
The file extension BAK's backup function is significant in securing the data inside the system. When the file happens to have a counterpart with the BAK, it will mainly provide a restorative function for disaster recovery.
Moreover, these files are capable of restoring a small number of files that have already been tainted by elements that are malicious in nature or have been deleted.
The tasks employed by it are useful for users because they function as a defense mechanism against data loss.
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