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File type: Comma Separated Values


What is

Comma Separated Values Files by default use the CSV file extension for proper identification. Under this format, every line is represented by new rows with values organized by cells either in a database or spreadsheet application.

This file format uses a comma as a delimiter for information contained in the file which can be exported into supporting programs. If necessary, the comma is also enclosed in quotes.

Once the data is imported from a supporting application like for example Microsoft Excel, it can then be exported to whatever format is required or supported by the host application. When importing the data, it normally follows the formatting of the spreadsheet or database application that will host the information.

This format file represents one of the more standard ways of transferring data to and from a spreadsheet software.

The CSV file extension was derived from the CSL (Comma Separated List) format which dates back to the earliest appearance of Personal Computers in the IT industry.

This was widely deployed in earlier pre-IBM PC units for use with tape storage backups along with interchange database information between machines with varying architectures.


Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Open-Source
Open with Windows: Microsoft Excel, Database Programs, standard Text Editors
Open with Linux: Microsoft Excel with CrossOver, standard Text Editors
The format applied by this technology allowed small businesses during those times to address the unavailability of affordable drives and rely mostly on floppy disk based applications for their computing. The implementation of the CSV file extension can be diverse; thereby creating interoperability problems.
In October 2005, the RFC 4180 defined the specifications to be used for text/csv in relation to Internet communication. Fielded Text also employs industry standards covering the .CSV file extension.
Despite the various usage, the basic rules covering the CSV format files include the use of comma to represent a new value and double quote enclosure for using special characters or empty strings.
These rules also do not use special character encoding, line terminator, or byte order formats. The main terminator used for each line is the line feed or carriage return with additional functional support for embedded line breaks. In most cases, the comma represents the delimiting character except in localities wherein the comma is utilized for a decimal point. In this context, the semicolon serves as the data delimiter.

  • File type: Configuration
  • Category: Settings Files
  • File format: Open Source

Problems opening CFG files?  We will see what is a ✅.CFG file extension and how to open, view, install, read, edit and covert this file format with specific programs.


What is a .CFG file extension

The CFG file extension is the format for store configuration files. The files with the .cfg are created to change program settings. You should not modify it in any way.

These files are for various computer applications, Operating Systems and processes for definition of initial settings. Any computer program can use files in the .cfg. But the location can give the user information as to what program uses it.

Usually, files with the .cfg file extension are line based. Which means that it only contains one line for every setting. It does not have any strong conventions or set standards. They can also be in ASCII. You can view them using any basic text editor.

Any file that ends with CFG is a file containing configuration settings that are used on a computer. The file has a plain text format. This means it is possible to use a free plain text. Consequently, it is possible to use a plain text editor. You can also get the text editor for free.

A good example of a free text editor is the Windows Notepad that is already on your computer.

You can use the Notepad to edit, open and save the file in the CFG format. Each of the CFG files contains its personal settings for a Windows program. Also, you can store and open the .cfg file without the involvement of third-party software.

Types of .CFG files

The .cfg file extension has seven different types of files. See below:

  • LightWave Configuration
  • Celestia Configuration File
  • Wesnoth Markup language File
  • Cal3D Model Configuration File
  • Citrix Server Connection File
  • MAME Configuration File
  • Configuration File

Celestia Development Team developed the file. And it is a Settings File type.

It is in the Text format. The .cfg file is a 3D universe simulation program. After being saved as a plain text, the file will specify the data files to be loaded when you start the program.

The end user can also edit the program. But should be carried out carefully. Any form of improper change to this file can bring about a failure in the loading process.

Cal3D Model Configuration File is an open source character animation toolkit. It is a three-dimensional model configuration file and used by Cal3D. The file is also in the Text format and contains several references to model components.

It is also  for combining all model components together. The file contains several references to Cal3D files, like .xsf and .csf extensions, as well as animation files. It also contains meshes and materials files. The .cfg file can store the root directory for the model scale and referenced files.

The MAME Configuration File is a settings file and comes in the XML format. The file is in arcade video game emulators and also contains hotkeys and keyboard mapping in playing games.

It is equally used in the configuration of keyboard controls depending on the preferences of the player. You can save different .cfg files for different games.

It gives the game players the ability to easily customize game controls separately based on the game that is currently being played. The file can be accessed both on Windows and Mac operating system.

The configuration file is also another Settings File and comes in the text format. The file is called .cfg file association 4 and is a generic preference file capable of storing configurations and settings information.

It is also used by many programs, which translates to the fact that various .cfg files can store data in various formats. It is not advisable to open .cfg files manually. However,you can view them using a text editor if you save it in the text format.

.cfg files based on text formatting usually contain one value and variable per line in different formats.

The program can also generate a default .cfg file automatically and this can be tested by moving the configuration file away from the default directory anytime the program is not currently running.

Afterward, you can open the program to examine the directory for any newly created .cfg file. You can delete or move a .cfg file to revert to the default settings of the program.

In the case of Linux configuration, the .conf extension is better than the .cfg extension. This type of .cfg file can also be opened using various programs in Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

The Citrix Server Connection File is a Settings File from Citrix Systems. The file contains the required connection information needed to connect the Citrix server. It may also include a password, username, server port, IP address, hostname and so on.

Citrix client software may use multiple .cfg files for connecting to various servers. You can open This file  various Linux, Mac, and Windows programs.

The Battle for Wesnoth developed the Wesnoth Markup Language File. They are game files and comes in the Text format. The file is a turn-based strategy game file for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

It is also available for free. The source code of the file is in the Wesnoth Markup Language (WML). The file is a proprietary language especially for the creation of units, campaigns, scenarios and other contents of the game, The Battle for Wesnoth.

You can use a text editor to edit CFG files. Some WML plugins that highlight syntax have also been developed for various text editors, Vi and Emacs, for example.

Newtek developed LightWave Configuration File . It is a Settings File. A preference file for rendering and modeling applications for all animation and frames sequences.

It equally used in saving different categories of application configuration options, as well as, to remember presets for the end user.

Celestial configuration files can contain references to several data files like .txf, font definition, .cel scripts, .dsc data files, .ssc and .stc.


How to Open CFG Files 

The following software include editors, viewers, readers, installers and file openers. These programs will help you opening a CFG file.

Software to Open with Windows:
  • Citrix Access Client,
  • Pro/Engineer,
  • Proxomitron,
  • Celestia
  • Notepad
  • Microsoft Word
Software to Open with Linux:
  • Citrix Access Client, Celestia
Software to Open With MAC:
  • Celestia
These files contain configuration and settings information for a variety of programs. The user must not attempt to open it manually.
If the user wants to go back to using default settings for the program. He can move or delete it.


  1. Click on the "Start" button on your desktop. Then type the name of the .cfg file that you want to open in the search text box and then press "Enter."
  2. Now right-click on the .cfg file that i your result windows displays.
  3. Then click on "Open With" that you can find in the popup menu.
  4. Next, click on "Notepad" in your pop up window list of programs.
  5. Next, view the .cfg file and then edit the configuration any way you want. The specific type of modification you make in the .cfg file can be determined by the particular program that is using the .cfg file.
  6. Afterward, press the S and CTRL keys together and this will save the file in your computer.
  7. The system will save the file in any location you choose on your computer in the .cfg file format for as long as you want.

You can open .cfg files in both Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as Linux using various programs, some of which are free to use.

How to make a Config file

A program can generate a file with the CFG format. To check if the program can generate a default CFG file, the configuration file can be moved out of the default directory, provided that the program is not running.
The default directory can be checked if a new file with the CFG file extension has been created in it.


Problems opening a .cfg file?

Ensure you have the last version of the recommended software installed. If not, download the last version.

Depending on what you are doing, you will need a viewer, editor, reader, installer or file opener.

Ensure that your cfg file is not corrupted. If needed, download it again.

File type: CorelDRAW Image


What is

The CDR file extension is defined as a Drawing or a Vector graphics format. The methodologies of the said file extension are typically applied in the maneuver of Corel Draw for illustrations and presentations.

The terminology vector graphics normally refers to object-oriented graphics, a different term that pertains to geometric representation. The primary functions of geometric allocations exhibit the presentation in mathematical equation logics such as curves, points, lines and polygons.

Raster Graphics complement the vector graphics in image layouts or diagrams which are displayed via an arrangement of resolution and pixels. These are then operated for a photographic reflection's appearance.

The vector design and tools are commonly fit in order to support raster tools utilized by the CRD format.

The vector tools function as high quality components utilized for getting rid of photographic images' redundant details. Details could also be added by them or they could be taken out of the vector layout which then allows a Graphic Artist to carry out a preferred result for image vectorization.


Detailed information 

Category: Vector Image Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, ACD Systems Canvas, Adobe Illustrator 9.0 or later
Open with Linux: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, Adobe Illustrator 9.0 or later
The CDR file extension has been initiated for the application Corel Draw. This application allows users to manage viewpoint projections and distinctive objects and select color palettes, develop and interconnect gradient fills and fit text to directions.
It is a complete tool that enables artists to manipulate image representation and projects for modifications in the format for color adjustments, image specification, brightness, and contrast.
It allows the artist to create special effects such as bitmap borders and vignettes. Corel Photo Paint would then manage the bitmap.

File type: Help Contents Tab File


Are you having difficulties opening a CNT file on your device? Read on to know just how to work around this difficulty.


What is a CNT File?

A CNT file is a file that is associated with Help File Contents. Help File contents aid users in resolving potential complications associated with the file format they are working with or on. It is a basic table of help file utilized by Windows for various applications.

The Help file has with it important topics in relation to a particular Help document. Microsoft Help Workshop most often creates the file to facilitate the development of a Help document.

When working with this file, certain common problems may arise, even if you have appropriate software in your system for opening such a file. Some users have often complained of experiencing accessibility of issues even after they have installed an appropriate software. Here are some potential problems that may restrict you from operating your Help Content file.

  • A corrupted CNT files
  • Incorrect file registry links
  • Incomplete software installation for opening the file
  • Accidental deletion of the CNT description from Windows Registry
  • Malware infected file
  • Insufficient hardware resources to complete “Open” action
  • Outdated system drivers

If your device is not experiencing any of these issues, you can follow through the process below to open your CNT file.

How to open CNT files?

To open a CNT file, your device requires appropriate software to enable it to execute the commands you have given. If your device lacks such software, you will most likely receive a failed alert. So, therefore, what you must do is to go online, download the appropriate software for the task, install it, and you are good to go. After installing the software, all you have to do is to

  • Place your cursor on the CNT file and Right-click it
  • When the “Open With” icon appears, click on the software you’ve downloaded, and the file will open effortlessly.


Software that can open a CNT file

Category: System Files, Data Files
File format: Proprietary

Here is some software that can open CNT files

With Windows

  • Help File Contents
  • Model-Driven Dev Tool
  • Rational Rose 98 by IBM
  • Windows Microsoft Help Workshop,
  • Microsoft Windows Help Authoring Tool,
  • Opticnt

With Linux

  • N/A


Please do note that CNT files should never be opened manually as this may lead to malware infection of the file code and if this happens, the file will be damaged. To avoid such a possibility, just install and use suitable software.


The CNT file extension is also of IBM's Rational Rose 98 Contents Tab file, a model-driven development tool. Another software application, also with the .cnt is the Opticnt program.
Opticnt is an administrative tool that allows the recording of any and every computer activity while being kept hidden from the unsuspecting targets. Keystrokes, websites, programs and changes in files and folders can be covertly recorded by the user.
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