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.An ePub is developed to store tables of content, metadata details, fonts, stylesheets, images, and words. Some of the metadata include the title and author of the particular book.

This type of files is said to be layout agnostic. It means that the screen size never has any effect on the formatting.

The file can display several contents on the device's screen even if the screen is as narrow as 3.5 inches. The .ePub file is available for free and many of the eReaders available today are completely supporting .ePub files.

electronic publication

ePub is an acronym for Electronic Publication. The files in this format have the .epub extension. Both ePub and PDF are thought to be similar. It was developed by International Digital Publishing Forum IDPF

However, the two of them have internal distinctions:

  • ePub is available in a display-oriented format.
  • PDF gives a print-oriented format.

ePub has features that permit very good display of the document on various devices:

  • It permits the text to adopt the particular size of the device on which it is being accessed.
  • It also takes to consider the particular format and layout of the document ePub are perfectly reliable for a dynamite reading experience.


How to open EPUB Files

.ePub file is widespread in its use. As a result, many eReaders are supporting this  more than they support several other eBook file formats.


  1. Locate the .epub files
  2. Double click on it or right click on it
  3. Select open with
  4. Choose one of the programs below. If nothing appear you have to download one of the following programs.


The .ePub file can be opened on:

adobe digital editions

You can also open it on your desktop computer using any of the many free programs available for that purpose:

  • Calibre
  • Stanza Desktop.

Kindle is, however, different in this regard. It is not possible to open a .ePub file on a Kindle directly. Be that as it may, you can convert the files to something that can be opened on Kindle.


On Android

Virtually all Android and iPhone devices are preloaded with special applications for opening eBooks; these apps can be downloaded on Google Play and iBooks.


On Windows

You will undoubtedly require a third-party application to open the .ePub file on your desktop computer.

If you are using Windows 10, for example, you can use a program like Microsoft Edge.

If you do not have Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 computer or if it is not set as the default program for opening the file:

  1. Locate the files
  2. Right-click on the .ePub file already downloaded on your computer system.
  3. Then click on the "Open With" menu.
  4. Click on Microsoft Edge to open the .ePub file on your desktop computer.
  5. Microsoft Edge works by opening a new tab for the .ePub file and your book will be displayed in a similar format as used for Reader View.

While Microsoft Edge can be used to access the .ePub, you should bear in mind this program will never give you the best reading experience.

In place of Microsoft Edge, you can go or other programs like Calibre. Which can be used with different eBook formats and it will always give you one of the best reading experiences ever.

File type: eMusic File Format, Pro/Engineer


The EMP file extension is associated with the music files that have been downloaded from the download site The said files with the EMP file extension are then converted into the MP3 format by the download manager of eMusic. This online music store is known to operate by subscription and has currently more than 400,000 subscribers.

It is different from other known subscription music services such as Rhapsody and Napster in such a way that the downloadable music files are in the MP3 format which makes them completely compatible with every digital music player. The files are also free from the restrictions of the digital rights management software.

The restrictions include burning or copying limitations or expiration dates. Although the online music store has been lauded by the public, its low-price model and lack of DRM or digital rights management encoding have made big record labels frown upon its services making it specialize in non-mainstream music genres and underground artists.

Among its non-mainstream music are pop, jazz, new age, traditional music, underground rap, indie rock, hardcore punk, classical music, experimental music, and electronic which are all on independent record labels.


Detailed information 

Category: Audio Files, 3D Image Files
File format: Proprietary/ Open-source
Open with Windows: Apple iTunes, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Nullsoft Winamp, VideoLAN VLC media player, Roxio Easy Media Creator, Other music player, Pro/Engineer
Open with Linux: VideoLAN VLC media player, XMMS, Amarok, Pro/Engineer
The EMP file extension is also affiliated with the 3D modeling software Pro/Engineer which is generally referred to as ProE or Pro/E. This 3D CAD parametric feature solid modeling software was developed by Parametric Technology Corporation or PTC. Among its direct competitors are CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, and UGS-NX. The software runs on a number of UNIX flavors, Microsoft Windows and Linux and provides mechanical engineers with a solid modeling, drafting and assembly modeling functionalities.

File type: Outlook Express Email Message


The EMAIL files are frequently categorized as Text Files. They are the email messages which had been created using the MS Outlook Express. In order to open the said files, users would have to employ either the MS Outlook Express or a text editor. The EMAIL files may also be possibly imported into various email clients.

The files are frequently known as an alternative extension to the EML files which could become infected by viruses. Users would have to be very careful when opening the said files.


Detailed information 

Category: Text Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Outlook Express
Open with Linux: Microsoft Outlook Express
The EMAIL file extension is used in identifying Outlook Express Mail Message files. Outlook Express is an email client bundled with the Internet Explorer versions 4.0 to 6.0. It is also bundled with a number of versions of the Microsoft Windows.
In the Windows Vista, the Outlook Express is substituted with the Windows Mail. Windows Live Mail has been released as a successor of the Windows Mail and Outlook Express.
The Outlook Express is different from the application Microsoft Office Outlook email client that ships with Microsoft Office for Windows. Both programs have no common codebase but have the same architectural philosophy.
The similarity in the names has mislead a number of people in incorrectly concluding that the Outlook Express is the stripped down version of the Microsoft Office Outlook.
The Outlook Express employs a Windows Address Book in storing contact information and has a tight integration with it. In the Windows XP, it is also integrated with the Windows Messenger.

File type: Outlook Add-in


The ECF file extension is employed for adding extra features to the email program MS Outlook. It is managed by means of the Add-In Manager under the Outlook's Advanced Options.

For today's businesses, email is a critical communications tool that provides the production of the best results. The reliance on email has resulted in the increase of received and sent messages, the work variety accomplished, and the business' speed itself.

The said change is also followed by the evolution of employee expectation. Presently, employees search for rich and efficient access to calendars, attachments, email, contacts, etc. no matter what device type they are employing or where they may be.

As for professionals involved in Information Technology, the delivery of message systems capable of addressing the needs of users would have to be balanced out with other requirements that include cost and security.

The security requirements of enterprises have grown more complex because of the increase in the use and demand for email.

The IT departments of enterprises today would have to contend with threats to email security that ranges from continually evolving viruses and spam, email vulnerability to tampering and interception, and non-compliance risks.


Detailed information 

Category: Plugin Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Windows Microsoft Outlook, Micrografx Media Manager
Open with Linux: Microsoft Outlook, Micrografx Media Manager
The ECF file extension also adds the extra features in the Micrografx program. The Micrografx Media Manager provides users with an easy and convenient way to catalog, find, utilize and organize Clip Art that is not yet in a collection.
It allows users to group Clip Art frequently used into one handy subject. For instance, users could make a collection entitled 'My Stuff' under a subject called 'Our Family' where BMP files that had been created from scanning family pictures are added as items. Users may opt to create subjects and collections that contain frequently used clip art so that it is conveniently available in a single location.
Items could also be copied from a subject onto the user's personal subject. The Media Manager could be accessed by means of the Effect Gallery's Clip

  • File type: Encoded File, Copysafe Protected PDF File, Electronic Navigation Chart
  • Extension: .enc
  • mime type: application/octet-stream


What is

The ENC file extension is employed in saving files that have been encoded using the UUE format.

The encoded files are often encoded by specific applications such as Adobe Flash or IBM Lotus 1-2-3. Encoding is done in order to protect files from being accessed and opened by unauthorized users.

It is considered a UUEncoded file and a compressed file. The said file extension is comprised of binary which could be sent via email and may be posted in newsgroups like Usenet.

The files with the ENC file extension employ a binary-to-text encoding which is technically referred to as UUEncoding.

The term has been derived from the UNIX-to-UNIX encoding. The compressed files of this format are capable of undoing the outcome of the UUEncode command. This involves recreating the file with the ENC file extension to its true or original form.


Detailed information

Category: Encoded Files, Page Layout Files, Data Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows:
  • Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe,
  • ArtistScope Copysafe PDF Converter,
  • ArtistScope Copysafe PDF Reader,
  • NOAA ENC Direct to GIS
Open with Linux: Smith Micro Stuffit Expander encoded program
The ENC file extension is used in the identification of the Copysafe Protected PDF File generated using the CopySafe PDF software.
This prevents the texts and images from being replicated and also protects against commands such as Printscreen and screen capture. It may also include date expiration, printing protection and password protection.
The said file extension is also employed by the Navigational chart format utilized by the Office of Coast Survey or OCS.
The Electronic Navigation Chart File is also referred to as the NOAA .enc files. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Electronic Navigation Chart files.
The ENC files of NOAA are saved as a chart features database where the information saved in the ENC file includes every chart feature's location and attributes like shape, depth, color, etc.
It is also utilized by the software package BlackICE which functions as a log for evidence and is described as a standard format in the industry.
The BlackICE software package is an anti-virus application dedicated to protect desktop computers from attacks.
It can be viewed and read using the Microsoft Network Monitor and a number of network packet captures tools.
Evidence files containing the ENC file extension are employed by security experts in instances where the computer of the customer is being attacked by viruses.

File type: Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile


What is

The EMZ file extension is employed in identifying the compressed metafile of Microsoft Windows.

It is the compressed edition of the EMF format or Windows Enhanced Metafile which is used in the identification of metafiles. Newly released versions of Microsoft Office and Visio have support for the EMZ file extension.

Moreover, it is the compressed image format employed by Microsoft applications that include Visio and MS Office. The EMZ file is quite similar to the EMF files or Enhanced Metafiles but is compressed by means of the compression algorithm GZIP.

When the EMZ file is decompressed using the decompression utility GZIP, it is opened as the standard EMF file. In helping its users get the features and capabilities in order to meet the challenges of their organization, Microsoft provides various Office suites that address a diversity of requirements.

Whether at home or at work in a multinational corporation, the Microsoft Office system offers a suite with the capability of helping users and their organization work more efficiently.


Detailed information 

Category: Image Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Office, Visio
Open with Linux: Microsoft Office
The Microsoft Windows diagramming software Microsoft Visio employs vector graphics in the creation of diagrams. It is presently available in two editions, Professional and Standard. Both editions share a similar interface but the Professional edition has more templates for a more advanced layout and diagram including a unique functionality that makes connecting diagrams to several data sources and graphically displaying the information easy for users.

File type: Encapsulated PostScript


What is

The DSC-conforming PostScript document EPS or Encapsulated PostScript comes with extra limitations designed to make the use of the EPS files as graphics file formats.

The files with the EPS file extension are reasonably predictable and self-contained. The PostScript documents capable of describing the images or drawings could be placed in a different PostScript document.

A file saved with the format could contain a BoundingBox DSC comment that describes a rectangle containing an image referenced by the EPS file. Programs could utilize this information in laying out the page even when they are not able to submit the PostScript inside directly.

The page description language or PDL PostScript is used in describing the graphical content and text of the page. It could also be employed in defining the appearance of text and graphics for print and screen.

The said language had been developed by Adobe and has since undergone a number of updates and revisions.


How to open EPS files


Category: Vector Image Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows:
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 ,
  • Adobe Illustrator,
  • Adobe Acrobat,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • QuarkXpress,
  • IMSI TurboCAD,
  • ACDSee Photo Manager,
  • ACD Systems Canvas
Open with Linux:
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 ,
  • Adobe Illustrator,
  • Adobe Acrobat,
  • Adobe Photoshop, TurboCAD
Before the introduction of PostScript, publishing systems have relied on the proprietary systems for typesetting which had frequently resulted in incompatibilities between printing systems and computers.
Pages that integrated images, line art and text were manually assembled using a photographed paste-up board.
The picture is then sent to the printing plate employed in making copies of the document. The Adobe PostScript has made the production of high-quality page content possible.
The page content includes images, line art and text in a standard format that is compatible with a multitude of devices.

File type: Windows Executable


What is

The EXE file extension is employed in identifying the executable files on the different Operating Systems of Microsoft including DOS and Windows as well as the Operating System OS/2.

The executable files are known as applications that run when they are double clicked. The said refers to an executable file type which means that the said file is a software application. All applications running on the Microsoft Operating Systems or DOS utilize it.

Additionally, it contains a variety of resources that include graphics and icons certain programs use for their graphical user interface or GUI.

It also contains other pieces of information that are not a part of an application including the needed environment or platform required in order to execute the program application properly, housekeeping information that will be used by the OS in preparing for the execution of the program, and pieces of information that pertain to debugging and symbolic information.

The said information is not typically a component of the EXE files wherein the systems only have a small storage room and are embedded. Moreover, the information significant to debugging is not usually provided with the EXE files that could be availed of in commercial packages.


Detailed information 

Category: Executable Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Various Programs
Open with Linux: Wine, Cedega, Various programs
All the executable files in the EXE file extension begin with ASCII MZ. However, the said file extension is generated by various compilers that could contain more identification than the standard ASCII MZ.
Meanwhile, unless the EXE file has properly formatted computer instructions, it could not be properly executed even if it has a properly marked identification. The files that contain this format run on MS Windows, OS/2, ReactOS, DOS and OpenVMS Operating Systems.

File type: Outlook Express Saved Mail Message


The EML file extension is employed in the identification of Outlook Express Saved Mail Message files belonging to the range of Microsoft email management applications that include Outlook Express and Outlook.
The EML files are related to an email that has been saved for storage or forwarding purposes. The said files could be viewed using a number of viewing and email reading programs.
It is also associated with the emlBridge which is capable of importing the EML files into almost every Email Client. The emlBridge allows users to import the rfc822 standard text email files into applications such as the Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Outlook. The emlBridge functions like a personal Pop Server that enables users to receive the EML files from their exports and backups making transfers a breeze.
Open EML File
Category: Miscellaneous Files
File format: Proprietary
Open EML file with Windows: Microsoft Entourage, Windows Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Microsoft Internet Explorer
Open with Linux: Windows Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
The EML file format is actually an email message that has been saved using the Microsoft Outlook or other email applications. It could also contain email attachments.
The Outlook Express is an email or news client that comes with the Internet Explorer browser versions 4.0 through 6.0. It is also bundled with a number of versions of the Microsoft Windows that include Windows 98 up until Windows XP. In the Windows Vista, the Outlook Express is substituted with the Windows Mail. Windows Live Mail has been the successor of the Windows Mail and the Outlook Express.
The Outlook Express is different from the Microsoft Office Outlook email client that ships with the Windows Microsoft Office. Both of these applications have e common codebase and a similar architectural philosophy. The EML files could be opened via the Internet Explorer browser because they have been formatted like the MHT files. Modifying the file extension from the EML file extension to the MHT causes the said files to be opened directly in the Internet Explorer program.
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