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File type: Adobe Flash Animation File

File Extension FLA

The FLA file extension is employed in the identification of Adobe Flash Animation files which are editable movies or animations created by means of the Adobe Flash. The said files are frequently saved as the SWF file to be used on the Internet. The FLA file is an editable project file saved via the Flash Development application.
The SWF file is a compressed format which could be viewed in a majority of Web browsers using the Flash plugin. The Adobe Flash application is used in the creation of movies or animations and the source content is saved using the FLA file format and then later compiled into the SWF file.
The SWF file could then be played using other Web browsers or media players. In order to open an FLA file, users would have to first install the Adobe Flash application.

Open FLA File

Category: Developer Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Adobe Flash
Open with Linux: Adobe Flash
Adobe Flash by Adobe Systems is a software program categorized as an authoring application that allows users to make projects by means of a pre-defined environment. An example could be that of a CD burning program known as NERO, an authoring software application intended to create projects in optical devices such as DVDs and CDs.
Adobe Flash provides users with the capability of creating scenes and animations involving pictures, other animation forms, objects, etc. The files saved from this application have the FLA file extension where users are able to edit the projects at any given time. The published version of the said extension could come in various formats such as HTML, EXE, MOV and so on depending on where or how they are utilized.

File type: Free Lossless Audio Codec File


File Extension FLAC

The FLAC file extension is employed in identifying Free Lossless Audio Codec File, an audio file format that has a similarity with an MP3 format.The files with the FLAC file extension are compressed without losing their quality. It functions the same way a ZIP does but the files in the FLAC file extension are better at compression because the FLAC file extension is particularly intended for audio. The FLAC file extension could be played in every favorite media player just like an MP3 file.

Although files with the FLAC file extension have a reduced storage requirement and bandwidth, the audio integrity is not compromised. Audio sources encoded in the FLAC file extension are normally reduced in size by 40 to 50 percent. The said file extension had been developed for saving packed audio data.

It is not like the general lossless algorithms such as ZIP and gZIP. While the ZIP file extension compresses the audio files that are of CD quality by 10 to 20 percent, the files wtih the FLAC file extension have a significantly greater compression.


Open FLAC File

Category: Audio Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Roxio Easy Media Creator, Adobe Audition, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, VUPlayer, Winamp with FLAC plug-in, Windows Media Player with Illiminable or CoreFLAC filters
Open with Linux: VideoLAN VLC Media Player
Lossless data compression allows the reformation of the exact data from the compressed data in contrast with a compression method that entails losses where the retrieved and decompressed data differs from that of the original. Lossless compression is necessary when the decompressed data and the original data have to be identical.
The integrated computer software in the audio codecs is referred to as audio compression algorithms. The saved files with the FLAC file extension are apt for everyday playback and audio archival.


File type: Family Tree


The FBC file extension is used with the FamilyTree Compressed Backup files. The files with the FBC file extension contain data on a family tree used by the genealogy application Family Tree Maker.
It is appended to all backup files of the Family Tree Maker. The said application allows users to create and share their family tree. The FTM or Family Tree Maker has been promoted as the top-selling and most patronized family tree software in the market.
Like other genealogy software application, FTM allows researchers to record all pieces of information gathered during the course of the research and to generate reports, books and charts that contain the said information.
Presently, the software is being offered to the users of computers running on the Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 98, ME, Vista, XP and 2000 only.
The manufacturer of the software has not yet made any announcements as to whether it is going to release it on other platforms. Majority of the features of the Family Tree Maker 2006, 2005 and 16 are capable of functioning with the Windows Vista. Although some features like exporting views, trees, or books to PDF still require updates.

Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Family Tree Maker
Open with Linux: N/A
The Version 16 of the Family Tree Maker has been nominated for the 2007 CODiE Award under the category Best Consumer Productivity Solution.
The release of the redesigned Family Tree Maker 2008 in August of 2007 was received by the users with a lot of criticisms. Reportedly, there were missing features that had existed on the previous versions and there had also been reported data loss and performance problems.
A genealogy software application is employed in recording, organizing and publishing genealogical data. It could produce various text reports and graphical charts such as register reports, ahnentafel reports, and pedigree charts.



File type: Flash Video


The FLV file extension is employed in identifying Flash Video files. Flash Video Exporter plug-in or other applications with support for the FLV format exports it. The FLV file extension is comprised of an interleaved audio, short header, metadata packets and video.

The video and audio data is then contained in a format that is similar to the standard SWF format of Flash. The FLV format is described to be an open format supported application not under Macromedia or Adobe. It is possible to export the FLV files from QuickTime Pro or from a number of other programs capable of exporting to the file format of QuickTime. The .FLV identifies the video files with Flash compatibility.

This video file had originally been supported and developed by Macromedia which has since been acquired by Adobe Systems.

The said  is presently supported by other companies also and has gained popularity because it is used by YouTube in their videos.


Detailed information

Category: Video Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Media Player (AMP), FLV Player (by Martijn de Visser), Riva FLV Player, VideoLAN VLC media player, Media Player Classic (MPC)
Open with Linux: VideoLAN VLC media player
In order to open the FLV files, users would first have to install the Adobe Flash. Alternatively, there are a number of other applications also capable of viewing the FLV files such as the Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player.
The multimedia software set Adobe Flash is employed in adding interactivity and animation in Web pages.
It is also typically used in making animations, advertisements, and different components of the Web. Also, incorporation of video into websites, and development of rich applications on the Internet.
Flash is capable of manipulating raster and vector graphics and supporting the bi-directional streaming of video and audio.

File type: FoxPro report file, Visual Basic binary form


About the FRX file type

Depending on the application using it, the FRX file extension functions as a report file or as a binary form file.

The FRX file extension functions as a report file for FoxPro. FoxPro is a text-based and procedurally-oriented programming language. It does not just work as a programming language but a database management system as well.

It was originally published by Fox Software. But was later purchased by Microsoft and used for:

  • the MS Windows,
  • MS-DOS,
  • UNIX,
  • Apple Macintosh.

Sometimes, FoxPro is also considered as a relational database management system, although it lacks the transactional processing. So far, FoxPro is no longer sold. However, there is still a worldwide community composed of FoxPro programmers and users, making the FRX an active file extension.

The FRX file extension is appended to reports generated by FoxPro as well as Visual FoxPro.


Detailed information 

Category: Data files, Developer files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Open with Linux: Visual FoxPro
As a binary form file, the FRX file extension can be found working with Visual Basic. This application is an event-driven, third-generation programming language with an included IDE or integrated development environment used for Microsoft's COM programming model.
The function of the FRX is to store the different binary information for the Visual Basic form like graphics and icons.
The FRX file extension is similar to the FRM. However, the former only saves binary data for the forms created using Visual Basic.
This file extension however can be left stored or can be manually deleted especially if there is no binary data saved in the form.
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