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Open HEIC File

HEIC is an acronym for High-Efficiency Image Container and it was adopted by Apple for macOS High Sierra and iOS in 2017 as an image file extension. This new format helps to reduce the size of an image file compared to other image extensions, like PNG and JPG.

The file extension equally supports several other features. In recent times, Google and Microsoft announced their support for them .HEIC extension and it is expected to feature in the next version of the operating systems from both corporations.

HEIC can be considered as the file extension or container holding the HEIF images or sequences of images. The HEIF technology was borrowed from the HEVC codec (High-Efficiency Video Compression codec), which is also referred to as h.265. Both the HEVC and the HEIF were developed as proprietary technologies by the MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group).

It became popular after it was made the default format for pictures on Mac OS High Sierra and iOS 11 by Apple. Findings show that the HEIC and HEIF file extensions are not supported yet by virtually all other operating systems. If you want to share images with your friends from your Apple devices, the images will be converted automatically to JPEG so that those not using Apple devices can easily download the file.

As stated earlier, it can help to save images at half the original size; this is considered as the greatest of all the benefits of this file extension over any other image file extension out there. Despite the reduction in size, it can also present the image is very good quality with sharp contrast. The image quality is better than what you can get with any other image file extension.

What is more, you can use it to replace any file extension supporting image sequences, like GIFV and GIF.

The .HEIC file extension can be used to store more than an image or multiple images; it can also be used to store image properties, image thumbnails, alpha and depth maps, as well as, HDR data. Let's see how to open heic file.

How to open .HEIC files

Those using Apple devices, like macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 will not have a problem opening the .HEIC file since Apple supports this file extension.

As a result of the automatic support, users of Apple devices will not need to first manually convert the image to another format before they can send it to friends not using devices that support .HEIC extension.

When shared through the multipurpose Share sheet on Apple, the images will be automatically converted to JPEG so that others using different operating systems can view those images.

For those using Windows Operating System, they can simply convert the it to JPG using any of the free online converting services. Instead of using online tools, these individuals can equally download specific software that can convert from one image format to another.

Those using Linux or even Android devices can also convert .HEIC files to any other accessible image format on their devices. With time, many other operating systems will support it and end users will not need to convert the image format before they can view it.

File type: Macintosh BinHex 4 Compressed Archive


What is

HQX is a format wherein an 8-bit binary file is encoded and compressed into a 7-bit text format. This format helps to maintain the integrity of the file during internet downloads and other types of file transfers.

Combining both the resource and the data fork causes this. Double clicking the native HQX file will not result in any action unless it has been associated with any decompression.

However, if one has installed decompression programs like WinZip with decompression of all supported file extensions ticked, double clicking the HQX file will launch that program.

This extension is useful while files are transferred across different operating systems since most platforms handle ASCII easily. This helps in avoiding file corruption. If the file is not associated correctly, it might cause errors.


Detailed information 

Category: Archive File
File format: Open Standard
Open with Windows: WinZip, ZipZag, ESTsoft ALZip, Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe
Open with Linux:


File type: Hangul Word Processor


What is

This extension is used by the popular Korean word processing program `Hangul' and is widely used in South Korea. Double clicking this extension launches the `Hangul' program.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Can be opened using any standard text editor
Open with Linux: Can be opened using any standard text editor

File type: Hexadecimal Source


What is

There are 2 different types of HEX files, binary and text-based. The text based HEX files can be opened with any text editor like notepad whereas one needs hex editing programs to open their binary counterparts.

These files generally contain program settings along with their configuration information.

They can also be general data saved in the hexadecimal format which can be stored either as a text file or as a binary format.

It is not a runnable program and double clicking on this file will launch either the text or binary editor depending on the format of the HEX file.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File
File format: Open Standard
Open with Windows: Heaventools FlexHex; Hex Workshop Hex Editor; Cygnus Hex Editor; HHD Hex Editor
Open with Linux: EditPad Pro
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