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File type: Keyhole Markup Language File

About the KML file type:

This is a XML-based specification for expressing geographical data, annotations and visualizations for 2D maps and 3D Earth browsers or geobrowsers. It is usually a set of KML files which contain the actual data for geographic locations in terms of a longitude and a latitude value along with other graphic images or overlay information files which are zipped together and distributed as KMZ files with the .kmz extension.
KML was originally created by a company named Keyhole, Inc which was then acquired by Google in 2004 for use with Keyhole Earth Viewer, later renamed by Google to Google Earth. KML files specify various features such as place marks, polygons, images, textual descriptions, 3D models, etc, for Google Earth, Mobile, Maps, or any other geobrowser which uses this standard. Each location is described in terms. KML has been adopted as an official OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard as of April, 2008 recommended to be used with all geobrowsers.


Open KML File

Category: Data File.
File format: Open Standard.
Open with Windows: Google Earth, Blender (only import).
Open with Linux: Google Earth, Blender (only import).

Open KRC File

KRC is the acronym for Mouse and Key Recorded Macro File. The file was developed by Kra-Tronic Corporation and categorized as a Data File. The KRC file is a macro file and created using a program specifically used for recording and replaying keystrokes and moose actions. The KRC file is used typically for the automation of common actions in various applications. The KRC file is the major file in association with Mouse and Key Recorder and it is specifically created when an end user saves any recorded macro.

The process of creating a KRC file is straightforward;

  1. First, select File
  2. Then click and Save,
  3. After which you should click on Save As.
  4. You can open the said file by navigating to File and clicking on Open.
  5. You can then navigate to the particular location of the KRC file.

The common use of the Mouse and Key Recorder involves recording the actions in office productivity applications, like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Some of the actions recorded in the KRC file include entering of data into a spreadsheet and adding a text to a word processing document. In conclusion, KRC file can replay and record keystrokes and mouse clicks on virtually any Windows application. Let's check how to open KRC File.

How to open a KRC file        

First of all, you must get suitable software for this purpose and a very good example of software that can be used to open the KRC file is Mouse and Key Recorder.

The software is developed by Kraa-Tronic Corporation. If you do not have access to suitable software on your device, you will receive a Windows message that reads thus: "How do you want to open this file?" if you are using Windows 10 to open the KRC file or "Windows cannot open this file" if you are using Windows 7 to open the KRC file.

You will equally receive corresponding messages if you are using Android, iPhone or Mac devices to open the file.

If the KRC file cannot open properly on your device:

  1. First right-click on the file or you can long press on it,
  2. After which you can click on "Open with" and then choose an application with which you can open the file.
  3. It is advisable to only save or edit the KRC file using the right software.

You need to first associate the KRC file with the right application before you can successfully open it. If you are using an Android device, click on Settings and navigate to Apps. Click on Options located at the right top corner of your Smartphone's screen and change the default app.

If you already have the program needed to open the KRC file on your device but the file is not opening properly still, simply update that program so that it can function properly. Findings have shown that only the latest versions of the program can support the KRC file.

If the program still fails to open the file after you have made effort to update it, then it is possible that the program is corrupted or infected by computer virus. All you have to do is to delete the program and download a new version.

File type: Security Key


What is

These files usually contain the registration data or security codes written for software programs for encryption or decryption.

These files are often created after a software has been registered and are usually stored in the same directory as the application where it was installed or in some system preferences folder.

These files are also used for defining keyboard shortcuts or even for defining keyboard layouts for different languages other than English and map the keys of the keyboard with the various alphabet and symbols used in that particular language.

It is also used occasionally for storing keyboard shortcuts for quick access of functions for some software.

Apple's Keynote is an application for creating presentations and the presentations creating using it are stored using this format.

These are usually stored or saved in the MacOSX package and includes the slides information, the images and the texts within the presentation as well as the various effects of transitions, etc which are used for the presentation purposes along with some additional XML data that is used by the presentation.


How to Open Key File

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary.
Open with Windows: Programs that support custom keyboard shortcuts, Operating System (for keyboard layouts):
  • Avira Antivirus Pro 2016
  • LightWave 3D
  • VMware Workstation
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Estimator
  • Sentry 2020
  • Forecast Pro
  • Top Secret Crypto Gold
Open with Linux:
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