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Do you know the process of how to open the mbox file? The term ‘mbox’ represents ‘Mailbox.’ It is a mail format created for storing and organizing in a single text file the email messages. 


Who uses mbox files?

The mailbox programs are saved as mbox files in an email storage format on your computer. However, not all the mailbox programs make use of the mbox file. Only a few such as:

  • Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Entourage 2008,
  • Qualcomm Eudora

These programs use this mailbox program, and they only can open it.

You can vie these with many text editors such as:

  • Notepad,
  • Open Office Writer
  • Microsoft Word. 


mbox files


Steps to open mbox file

  • Right-click on the mbox file.
  • Click on open with and select the option ‘Choose Default Program.'
  • Select one of the options offered by Windows, as they are default programs available on your computer and it opens the file.
  • Click on Browse only in case Windows fail to show default programs. 
  • Search for a text editor or a mailbox software and click on ‘Open.'
  • Finally, click on ‘OK,' yes, your mbox file will open.


Now you can download your Gmail data easily as Google offers MBOX file. With this mbox file, you can do lots. You can keep a backup offline or move your emails into a new Gmail account or email service. 

Getting an offline copy previously of your Gmail means you need to download the Gmail archive entirely in Thunderbird over IMAP. The best part is now in a few clicks, and you are good to take on the Google Takeout website. 

How to import into Thunderbird your Gmail MBOX

Recently, more data is stored in the cloud. The contacts, email, photos, documents, calendar entries, and a lot more are on the Google servers.  Thus, it is best to import into Thunderbird your Gmail Box.

  • Use Mozilla Thunderbird as it is open-source, free, runs on Mac, Windows, and Linus, while it natively supports MBOX files.
  • Install Thunderbird on the computer, add any email account to Thunderbird after opening it.
  • Close the email account after adding to Thunderbird and locate the 

C:\users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\########.default\Mail\Local Folders\ folder on your computer, where your username is your NAME and ######## is eight random characters.


How to open on a Mac a mbox file?

There is a need to import into Apple Mail the MBOX file following these steps:

  • Copy to your Mac. the .mbox file...
  • Open Apple Mail.
  • Type "File->Import Mailboxes" menu command.
  • Check the option ‘Files in mbox format' and click ‘Continue.' 
  • IN the next window, select MBOX files and click on ‘Continue.'
  • Done


An MBOX file has mail storage saved in one text file. The primary name given in Apple Mail to this inbox mail folder is INBOX.mbox and Mac OS X is the default email program. 



Advantage of a .mbox file

The mbox file is the common format to store on a hard drive your email messages. All the messages are stored as a long, single, text file in a string of e-mail concatenated messages. MBOX files were used on Unix.

The mbox file format also includes non-text attachments such as files and images.

What is an MLT file?

An MLT file is a Forecast Profile developed by the Business Forecast Systems, Inc. 

How to open it

You will have to get the software suitable for the file if you must open it on your computer system. A very good example of the program that you can use to open an MLT file is Forecast Pro. If a suitable software is not available on your computer system, however, you will get a Windows message that reads thus: "How do you want to open this file?" if you are using Windows 10 operating system or you will get this message: "Windows cannot open this file" if you are using Windows 7. 

Those who are using other operating systems, like Mac, iPhone or Android can also open the file, but they also need to have the suitable software on their devices, failure of which will bring up an error message that indicates the absence of that suitable software. All you have to do in this situation is to download the right software so that you can easily access this file on your computer effortlessly. 

To open the MLT file on your computer system, you can equally long-press or right-click on the particular file that you want to open. A drop-down menu will come up and you can look for "Open with" from the list of items on the drop-down menu. Click on the "Open with" link and choose the right application that can open the file. Once more, you should already have that suitable application or program on your computer or other devices before this method can work for you. 

Various programs that can open and also convert the MLT file

You can use various programs to open the MLT file and we have provided few of them below:

●     Forecast Pro: We mentioned this software earlier. It is a reliable program to open the MLT file and it came from the stables of Business Forecast Systems, Inc. 

●     mAirList: You can use the desktop template of this program to access the MLT file. The program came from Torben Weibert, a renowned programmer. It is a computer program used for radio automation and it works effectively on different versions of the Windows Operating System, like Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows 98. The system supports small radio stations that want to add professionalism to their services. There is a similarity between the mAirList desktop file and the mAirList Desktop Template file; the former has the .MLD template, while the latter has the .MLT extension. The two have similarities but a couple of things also differentiate them one from the other. Aside from the different extensions, the mAirList will force the end-user to pick a new file name when you decide to save a particular desktop that originally has a .MLT file.                                     

Solve difficulties in opening an MLT file 

The MLT file may not open even if you have the suitable software on your computer system. In this situation, it may be that the file is corrupted by a computer virus or any other problem. When this happens, you should delete the corrupted file and download a new one. After you have downloaded the new one, make sure you first scan the newly downloaded before you attempt to open it again using the appropriate program for that purpose. 

You may have the suitable software on your computer to open the MLT file, but you will never be able to open the file if the software is outdated. In such a situation, you will need to first update the software before you can ever open the MLT file. You can only access this type of file when you attempt to open it with the latest or current version of the suitable software. The best thing to do is to visit the home page of the software developer to download the latest version. You can find the current updates on the homepage of the Business Forecast Systems, Inc. If you want to use the Forecast Pro to open the MLT file. The developer always updates the software consistently and makes it easy for end-users to easily open the MLT file. 

As mentioned severally earlier, the best way to ever open the MLT file on your computer system is to first download and install the right software on the computer. The suitable software to download can depend on the operating system you want to use, be it desktop or mobile operating systems. If you are using an Android operating system, for example, you must first download and install the right software that can open the MLT file on Android. You can follow the steps below to open the MLT file on various operating systems:

Android operating systems users

  1. Look for the Settings icon on your Android device and click on it. 
  2. next, check the list of items on the new page and choose Apps.
  3. In the Apps section, look for Options and tap it; Options can be found at the right top corner of the screen. 
  4. Then you can change the default apps to that suitable app that you have already downloaded and installed on your device for the MLT file. 

Windows Operating System Users  

You can use the programs highlighted below to open the MLT file on your Windows operating system.

  • Maya Application 
  • Plot Stalker 

Bear in mind that the programs above can open the MLT file on virtually any version of Windows operating system. You can equally use the programs to convert the MLT file on Windows, as well as, fix many of the problems you encounter when opening or editing the MLT file. 

If you still cannot open the MLT file using any of the programs mentioned above on either your mobile or desktop operating system, you can simply go for the Free File Viewer, which is a special program that can open different types of files, making it a universal file viewer. Experts say that the program can open more than 200 different files and it is also available for free download. 

File type: Video File


File Extension MOV

MOV files are very common video files that are used for saving and playing movies as well as other videos on personal computers. These files generally use proprietary compression algorithms which are developed by Apple Computers and can be played only on the QuickTime player or by using a QuickTime plugin for other players to be able to play the files. This player is available for both the Macintosh as well as Windows Platform.


Open MOV File

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: QuickTime Player
Open with Linux: QuickTime Player

File type: Data File


File Extension MDF

MDF files are the DVD or CD data that is saved as an image using a disc authoring application, for example Alcohol 120%. These are very similar to the .ISO file format but are saved in a slightly different format or structure. In these files the actual data of the discs is stored within the MDF file itself whereas the track and header information is usually stored along with it in corresponding MDS format files.


Open MDF File

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft SQL Server
Open with Linux:
MDF files are also the standard file formats used in the automotive industry in order to store measurement data. It has the raw measurement data which were gathered from the actual measurements as well as the metadata that is necessary to be able to interpret the raw data. MDF files are also the primary database format files that are used by the Microsoft product namely, Microsoft SQL Server. It is a high performance database manage system used by large enterprises for large volumes of data which is installed with the Microsoft SQL server as well as its related add-ons. In Microsoft SQL Server the users may also create custom MDF files.

File type: Motion Picture Experts Group


.mpg is a file format that is also known as .mpeg. The .mpg files are generally are of audio or video data storage type that supports upto twenty four bits.

mpg files have block based scheme along with motion compensation in terms of compensation. This file format also supports multiple program multiplexing and offers 4095 x 4095 x 30 fps for the image.

This is a completely video streaming format that can be compressed as well. Usually, it is used to store movies. These movies can be easily stored in a compressed format and acquire a very less storage space being compressed.

This file can be easily played in the Windows Media Player and if in any case the windows cannot open the file that means the program is not been installed appropriately. With .mpg file format you can run all the audio and video format.


Detailed information 

Category: Music, Video and Multimedia File - .mpg files are generally used to store audio and video files on the compact discs so that these can be used in multemedia systems.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: In Windows it can be easily opened with the Wndows Media Player or Quick Time Player.
Open with Linux: Any software that runs media file
Usually, .mpg file formats have a lossy compression and comprises of two dimensional videos.

File type: System


In the case the operating system crashes before it completely shuts down it usually creates what is known as a dump file that contains the exact information and data of all the registers and status of the running applications as well as the status of the system processes that were running at that point just before the operating system crashed.

Along with that it usually also includes some additional human readable data that describes briefly what the error was and what steps should be taken to recover from the error.

These dump files however mostly contain very specific data regarding the machine on which the operating system is installed and what the exact state of the operating system was right before it crashed so that the exact scenario could be reproduced in order to better understand the reasons behind the crash and if possible fix the bug.

This dump file usually should be sent to the vendor since they can make more sense out of it and perhaps offer help in fixing the problem.

These files are usually compressed so as to take minimum possible disk space. This file is usually stored right along with the .HDMP file which is the same file only that its uncompressed.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Dumpflop Utility
Open with Linux:

File type: Image


MDI files are very high resolution graphics format that is based on tags and was developed from TIFF format. Microsoft Office uses this file format for saving documents that had been scanned using a scanner.

It can be converted into Word documents (.doc) or alternatively into Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format however saving the files in TIFF format allows to create images that are more compatible and can easily be imported in other applications for graphics editing.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: MDI Viewer, Microsoft Office Document Imaging
Open with Linux:

File type: Audio Files


What is

M4A files are audio files that use the MPEG-4 compression algorithm for compressing audio. It essentially uses a similar compression algorithm to that used for encoding a .MP4 video.

It only excludes any video data. MPEG-4 audio files may also include copyright protection in order to prevent piracy and unlawful distribution of files.

For example the audio files sold from the iTunes Music Store are copy protected in the same manner and usually have M4P format.

The files which are in .M4A format comprise of the audio layer or non-video part of MPEG 4 movies only. M4A has been widely accepted as a new standard compressing audio.

This format is also called Apple Lossless format or Apple Lossless Encoder format or even ALE shortly.

It is a relatively new codec that has been designed specifically to provide complete lossless encoding to ensure that even though high compression is achieved there is no loss of actual audio information and hence can use less storage space.


Detailed information 

Category: Audio File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Apple iTunes or QuickTime Player, KSP Sound Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, NCH Swift Sound WavePad, Winamp, Roxio Easy Media Creator, Other music player
Open with Linux:

File type: Microsoft Exchange Mail Message


What is

The MSG file is used all the times by the Microsoft Exchange Mail program when a new message is created and sent through the software. Most popularly Outlook is used for such messages.

It is compatible with other programs which use Microsoft's Messaging Applications Programming Interface.

The file is created when the user creates a message for sending or when a message comes in the Inbox and the same is stored in the message folder of the mail program in the computer. The message contains all the important information that is received or is sent to any mailbox.

The file is an important file and the same should be kept safe for opening the message. The file can be opened by several software applications and shall display the message instantly which is required by the user on opening mail.

The file has the complete authority to display the message but the same needs to be used with a Messaging application.


Detailed information 

Category: Text Files - MSG makes the mail readable as the mail comes and goes in this format
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: MSG can be run through Microsoft Outlook, Priasoft MSG File Viewer and Assessor, Encyptomatic Msg Viewer Pro in Windows
Open with Linux: Any mailbox software can be used to read these messages
The mail message which is created when sending or receiving messages through a mailbox usually Outlook

File type: Audio


What is

MP3 files are compressed audio files. The MP3 audio compression algorithm was developed by Moving Pictures Expert Group and it uses 'Layer 3' for its audio compression.

MP3 codec is usually used to store music files as well as audio books on a hard disk drive since it occupies much lesser space than traditional audio files that weren't compressed. The MP3 format files provide a very good quality and almost near-CD sound quality which is stereo 16-bit sound, in a file that is 1/10 the size of an equivalent .AIF or .WAV file.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Roxio Easy Media Creator, Apple iTunes, Nullsoft Winamp, Microsoft Windows Media Player, VideoLAN VLC media player.
Open with Linux: Amarok, VideoLAN VLC media player, XMMS.
The quality of the sound in an MP3 file however depends largely on bit rates used for compression.
The common bit rates used for standard MP3 files of reasonable quality are 128 kbps, 192 kbps or 160 kbps. Higher bit rates are also possible but usually require much more disk space for storage.
MP3 files are supported by virtually all audio players that are available in the market such as winamp, apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, etc. MP3 files can also be played in several mobile devices using software such as UltraMP3 player.
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