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What is a .PDG file?

The .PDG file is essentially a special file created by Chaoxing Digital Library and created in association with Chaoxing Reader. You will need to first download the special reading tools for this file and then install it on your computer system. The name of the reading tools to download is Chaoxing reader, which is also called ssreader. Aside from reading the book, it is also possible to use the reader to scan the Chaoxing information collection network resources.

How to open PDG files

You will have to use suitable software readers to open the .PDG file, a good example of which is the Chaoxing reader.

If you do not have the right software to open the file on your computer, you will see a Windows message that reads thus: "How do you want to open this file?" if you are using Windows 10 and you will get "Windows cannot open this file" if you are using Windows 7. You will receive something similar to any of the messages above if you are using any other operating system, like Android, iPhone or Mac operating system. If you find it difficult to open the file, then you can long-press or right-click on the file. A drop-down menu will show up. Look for "Open with" and click on it and choose an application with which you can open the file.

You need to understand that different types of programs and files can bear the same extension and this can make it difficult for an end-user to know the best program to use for opening a file with a particular extension. If you find it difficult to open the pdg file, you can try any of the tips given below to open it.

Use another software program

If a particular software fails to open the pdg file, all you have to do is to use another file entirely. Bear in mind that this file is the type that can be opened using a different file entirely if the right program is not available on your computer, you can search for it online and download it to open this file. One of the best programs you can consider for this purpose is MetaCAM part File. Other types of programs that can successfully open this type of file are:

  • Chaoxing reader
  • Chaoxing Digital Library e-book
  • PrintShop Deluxe File

You can check the developer's website for any of these programs.

The file type is a good hint

You can use the file type as a hint to search for the particular program with which you can open the .PDG file. The type of file can give you a hint about how best to open it. In most instances, .PDG file is referred to as Page Layout Files. Check if there is a program on your computer that can be used to open this type of file. If this type of program is on your computer, you can simply open it and use it to open the .PDG file.

The above hint is only applicable if you are sure of the type of file the .PDG file is. If the reverse is the case and you do not know the type of file you are dealing with, you can use the PDG file to look for the particular file type so that you can easily open the particular file on your computer. You can follow the steps given below to open the .PDG file on different operating systems.

How to open .PDG file on a Windows computer:

  • First of all, right-click on the file icon on your computer.
  • Next, check the drop-down menu and then click on Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • You can then check under the label Type of File to look for the file type.
  • How to open .PDG file on a Mac computer:
  • Right-click first on the file icon.
  • Then check the drop-down menu that comes up and choose More Info.
  • Next, check under the list labeled Kind to choose the type of file.

Get in touch with a Developer

Another way to open the .PDG file is to ask a developer if none of the methods above can get the file opened. If you know a particular software program that can be used to open the file, just get in touch with the developer of that program. The list below will help you to find the right developer for the most popular of all the programs associated in any way to the .PDG file.

  • MetaCAM Part File: The developer is Metamation Inc. the developer created the program for the Sheet Metal Fabrication industry. Its classification is in the CAD/CAM.
  • PrintShop Deluxe File: The developer is unknown.
  • Chaoxing Reader Chaoxing Digital Library e-Book: The developer is Chaoxing Digital Library. Some also call it a Chaoxing Reader graphics because the creation or use of the file is essential for this particular purpose.
  • Print Designer GOLD Data File: The developer is CAM Development.



.PDG file is classified as a Graphic file. You should find out if there is any corruption or virus of any form on the .PDG file before you open it. If there is any virus in the file, you can simply delete the one you have downloaded and got a new one entirely. Afterwards, scan the new file for virus using from Google.

You can equally link the .PDG file extension together with the right application. If you are using the Android operating system, you can click on the Settings icon on any part of your Smartphone. Next, click on the Apps on the list of menu that comes up. You can then click on the Options icon, which you can find at the top right end of your mobile device's screen and this will help to change the default apps.

One other way to open it is to update the software that you want to use to open the .PDG file. This is about the only way out if you already have the program on your computer but it cannot open the file. In most instances, you can only access .PDG files with the most recent version of the program designed for opening it.




Open Prn File

.Prn file is categorized as a page layout file and it contains instructions required by a printer to function. The instructions include the printer tray to use, the paper size, the number of pages to print and the particular content to print. This file can be created by choosing the "Print to File" link in the Print dialogue, either in a macOS or a Windows program. There is a similarity between PostScript files and PRN files.

The printer drivers create the format automatically after you must have issued a printing command. The process involved in creating the .prn file is normally not visible, but the end users can easily intercept the file and keep it before the document is printed. You can then easily open the intercepted .prn file using a different device; you do not even need the original application of the document to open the intercepted .prn file. The .prn file can retain the exact details of how the images or documents should be printed can also be found useful in CorelDraw for the extraction and modification of the original files. Let's see how to open prn file.

How to open .prn files   

The .prn file can be printed in Mac OS X by simply dragging the particular file to the desktop printer icon. The files can be printed in Windows Operating System by simply right-clicking on the file and then selecting the "Microsoft Office Document Imaging" tab. Not all the versions of Microsoft Office Document Imaging support the .prn file. You can equally open the file through the command line on Windows. All you have to do is to select "Run" from your computer's Start menu, then type "cmd" after which you can then go ahead with the opening.

Furthermore, the file can be opened using a text editor like Apple TextEdit or Microsoft Notepad. The file will then automatically store the text you want to print in the form of a plain text. However, the printing instructions will consist of printer codes that should never be modified to prevent any form of a printer error.

The programs that can be used to open .prn files depend on your computer operating system. If you are using a Windows operating system, you can use any of the programs highlighted below to open the .prn file:

  • ACD Systems Canvas 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Command Prompt
  • AllWeb FastPrint
  • The compatible printer driver that can interpret the .prn files
  • Free Raw Print (FRP)

If you are using the Mac operating system, on the other hand, you can use the following programs to open the .prn file:

  • The compatible printer driver that can interpret the .prn file.
  • Drag to the desktop printer icon.

.prn files can be opened on different versions of the Windows Operating System, like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It can also be opened on different versions of the Mac Operating System, like macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13 and macOS 10.14.

Furthermore, .prn files can be opened using CorelDraw. First, launch CorelDraw on your computer and choose File, then Open. Look for the .prn file, select the file, edit and save it.

When you see a file having .pages file extension, it means a page Documents file. It originates from Apple Page word processors program. It can be either a simple text document oT. The types are charts, tables, pictures and so on.
.Pages files are also known as ZIP files. They have the necessary document for Pages and JPG file. Also, a PDF file, which is present as an optional inclusion.
You can use the PDF file included for previewing only the document. It is used for the entire document, while the JPG file is used in previewing the first page of the document.

How to open pages files


A pages file is an executable file. You have to take great care while opening it. Such a file is used in receiving information via email. It works by default on macOS computers.


The information is available for your iOS devices. You can open the .pages file by using Google Drive in which you just download the file and view it using Google Drive.
Instead of the method mentioned above, the.Pages file can also be opened by extracting the preview document from the file.
You can do this by using any file extraction tool. The tool will work so long as it supports the ZIP format. The most popular of these tools are PeaZip and 7-Zip.

How to Convert 

Another way to open the .Pages file is to convert it to another format. For example, you can convert the .Pages file using Zamzar.
You can upload the file through this tool. It will then give you many options to which you can convert the file. Some of the available options are TXT, PAGES09, EPUB, DOCX, DOC and even PDF.
As a result, you can view the file using any of the options provided above after the conversion. Bear in mind that the conversion occurs instantly.
You must have the program that can open each of the converted forms on your computer before you can access the converted file.
Aside from Zamzar, you can also convert the .Pages file using Pages itself. It is programmed to convert the file to several formats, like ZIP, Pages09, EPUB, RFT, plain text, PDF and even Word formats.
The converted file can be saved in the iCloud and you can use the Pages program. After beng stored in the cloud, the format of the file will change to .Pages-TEF. The stored file is a Pages iCloud Document files type.
The operating system you are using can also determine if you can easily open the .Pages file or not. In Mac operating system, it is very easy to open it as it has support out of the box.

In Windows

If you use windows, opening is different. Windows OS doesn't include the program for opening the file.

If you double-click the file after downloading it on your Windows operating system, you still will not have access to the file.

how to open pages file in word

How to open a pages file with microsoft word

However, you can easily open it with microsoft word. These are the steps for opening.

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Rename the pages file. Delete .pages and add .zip suffix.
  3. Unzip the file.
  4. open the extracted files.


Android APP of MIcrosoft word

File type: Printed Circuit Board Design
The PCB file extension is used by many file types including the Print Shop Deluxe business card/tbv, the PC-Doctor file, the P-CAD : P-CAD database, MS PowerPoint Settings Application Data File, ACCEL, Protel : Printed Circuit Board file, the PADS : Printed Circuit Board and the McCad: Printed Circuit Board.
However, one of the most commonly used is the McCad: Printed Circuit Board File often utilized in the ExpressPCB software developed by McCad.

Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: Data Files, Mentor Graphics PCB Browser or Board Station, McCAD, CadSoft EAGLE, Altium Designer or P-CAD
Open with Linux: CadSoft EAGLE
The files using the PCB file extension are often a model or a design of a PCB or a printed circuit board. A printed circuit board provides connections to different electrical components.
A PCB may also be used to print the physical board. Files with the PCB file extension may be saved or stored in an ASCII text format. However, these files also use a standard file format that is supported by different programs. These files may also be directly opened by the user.

File type: Publisher Document, Corel Ventura Publisher Publication

What is

PUB is a popular file extension that is used mostly by the publishers for their publication purposes.

If you have a business of publication and looking for the creation of different types of publications, this file extension can be extremely useful for you. There are several users of this Microsoft propriety extension, who use the products in different purposes for their business.

If you are thinking of newsletters, brochures and also posters, this file extension can be of great help. you can get some of the best postcards using this .pub extension.

So next time you are in need of various kinds of publication, you have easy help at hand.

It has several text along with some raster and vector graphics. With the help of this file extension, you will be able to create many publications, personalize them and also share them with others.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Windows :Microsoft Publisher Adobe InDesign with PUB2ID Plugin
Open with Linux:

File type: PowerPoint Slide Show


What is

The PPS file extension is used in the PPS files created, opened, and modified using the Microsoft Power Point application.

The Microsoft Power Point application is to display digital slides in educational and business presentations. It is also commonly to display picture slideshows sent and received via email.

The PPS files may contain a combination of pictures, movies, and texts. Because of its formal presentation, PowerPoint is now the standard way of showing and displaying slides.


Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows:
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Viewer
Open with Linux: N/A
The PPS files also contain pieces of information about how the presentation of the slideshow should be displayed.
These include the transition effects between the slides. The Microsoft PowerPoint application also saves presentations using other file formats such as .pot (template), .ppt (presentation), or .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007).
It is also significant to note that there is no difference between PPS and PPT files. Files saved in these two formats may be renamed alternately and they will still work.

File type: AutoCAD Plotter Document


What is

The PLT file extension stands for AutoCAD Plotter Document. The Autodesk AutoCAD program uses this file extension for the vector graphic plotter files created using the said program.

The files may be printed with the use of plotter that is responsible for printing the images using different lines instead of using dots. The vector-based plotter files or the PLT files are based on the HPGL format.

These files may also be converted into other formats or vice versa, the files not supported by the PLT file extension may also be converted to the same format using some converters such as EFM, HPGL Import for Surfcam 1.0, Butterfly 1.0.6, and others that may be downloaded from the Internet.

Detailed information 

Category: Vector Image Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: ArtCut, Autodesk AutoCAD
Open with Linux: N/A
Other file types also use the PLT file extension. Included in these file types are the Infinity Game Engine Bitmap Graphic, HP Graphics Language, Gerber Sign-making Software File, dnaLIMS 3700 Sample Sheet and the Clipper Ver. 5 Pre-linked Transfer File.

  • File type: Digitally Encrypted Message
  • Category: Archive and Compressed Files
  • File format: Open-Source


What is a P7M file extension

The file format with the ✅.P7M suffix is a file created using the Cryptigo email encryption software. It is used to sign and encrypt a message.
The signed or the encrypted email file has the smime .p7m file extension format name may only be unencrypted with the P7M Viewer.
These file format is used to secure and e-mail communication.
Moreover, the files with this format may only be present in the system when common attachments like .doc files or .xls files are attached aside from the .p7m file attachment.
These files may also exist when an email message is converted to MAPI from the original MIME file or when the email message is edited and saved.
A user may also encounter a .p7m file if the parent or the envelope message is signed or encrypted.

How to open p7m files

Can't? Problems or Inability to view and open the .p7m file on your computer is a sign that you do not have the corresponding program to open it; though there may be a couple of other reasons, which are mostly technical.

All you have to do is to download the right program or tool to open it.

File Viewers

You can see here free file viewers online and to download. If you receive in a message in gmail, outlook or other mail programs use one of the following free viewer.

  • Cryptigo S/MIME Plugin (Windows)
  • Cryptigo p7m Viewer for Eudora (Windows)
  • Apple Keychain access (Apple)


It is also significant to note that this file extension is only used in encrypted files sent as file attachment.
To open the file attachment , the encrypted or signed message you require a viewer and you may also require a private key that matches the public key of the message.


Open with

  1. Search for the .p7m file in your device or computer.
  2. Double click on it
  3. Select the open with option
  4. From the drop down list of apps and software select the viewer, app or program.
  5. If there is not any viewer in your device or computer. Then you will have to download one of the programs we mentioned in the previous section.


  1. Open one of the p7m viewers that you installed:
    1. Cryptigo S/MIME Plugin (Windows)
    2. Cryptigo p7m Viewer for Eudora (Windows)
    3. Apple Keychain access (Apple)
  2. From the application go to the menu of files to open the .p7m from your device.
  3. Now you can view the format file in the software.



Other problems that may prevent you from accessing these files are below:

  • If the drivers, the tools or equipment required is outdated.
  • The computer or Android device does not have adequate hardware resources that can cope with the easy opening of the .p7m.
  • If the file that you want to open is infected with malware.
  • The tool or application for opening it is not installed.
  • If you accidentally delete the description from your Windows registry.
  • There is an incorrect link to the file in registry entries.
  • It is corrupt.
  • If you cannot resolve the problems y yourself, you can get in touch with trained it support to help out.

After resolving all the issues, your device should easily open it.


How to create .p7m files

  1. Download p7m tool from Cryptigo here
  2. Open p7mtool
  3. Sign your format and save the destination file.
  4. You can sign a lot of data formats



Can I delete them

If you delete these files you may not be able to see the descrypted content.

File type: PowerPoint Presentation


What is

The PPT file extension is used to represent an editable presentation or slideshow created using the Microsoft PowerPoint application.

The PPT files may include bullet points, formatted text, movies, images, audio files and sound effects.

These files are often created from one of the many templates contained within the PowerPoint software application.


How to open ppt files


Category: Data Files
File format: Propriety

Open with Windows

  • Powerpoint viewer : You can dowload the official viewer from the microsoft website. You will not be able to edit PPT files but you can view them.
  • Libreoffice
  • ACD Systems Canvas,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint Viewer,
  • Nuance OmniPage Professional

Open with Linux

If the user just needs to view the PPT files or the PowerPoint presentation, there are available freeware PPT file viewer programs available for download form the Internet.
Examples of these are PowerPoint Viewer 2003 which can read PowerPoint presentations and slideshows created using the Microsoft PowerPoint 97 application and later versions, and PowerPoint 98 Viewer for Macintosh Operating System.
It is significant to note that PowerPoint presentation may include macros which can sometimes be malicious. Therefore, users must make sure that only presentations from trusted sources should be opened.

File type: Hypertext Preprocessor


What is

The PHP file extension is used in Web pages containing PHP code. These Web pages also include PHP functions capable of processing online forms, getting the time and date, or accessing information directly from a database.

One example of such database is MySQL database. The PHP code contained in the Web page is parsed or processed using a PHP engine within the Web server that dynamically and effectively generates HTML. The generated HTML contains the Web page content.

The HTML is then sent to the Web browser. Thus, the users do not really see the actual PHP code included in the Web page even if they are viewing the Web page source.

Detailed information 

Category: Web Files
File format: Open Source
Open with Windows: Edit with a text editor, Run from Windows Server with PHP, View in a Web browser
Open with Linux: Run from Apache Web server software with PHP
Files with the PHP file extension use a standard file format that is supported by different programs. These files may also be opened directly. This format may also be referenced by any open application and may possibly run a script or a program when opened.



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