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File type: Rich Text Forma


The RTF file extension is used to save the documents in the common text file format. This means that the RTF files may be accessed, opened, created and modified using any text application.

Files of this type may include different text formatting types. These include italics, bold type, custom tab settings, different fonts, different font sizes, etc.

It may also support the images saved in the text file.


Detailed information 

Category: Text Files
File format: Open Source
Open with Windows: Nuance OmniPage Professional, Windows WordPad, Any text editor that supports formatted text
Open with Linux: N/A
The RTF file extension is also used in Windows Help file script. Most of the time, a system is set so that a Word program opens every time the system encounter an RTF file. The RTF files can be saved on the computer and may be viewed using any word processor, such as Notepad, Wordpad, Star Office and Microsoft Word.

File type: ACT! Database Maintenance


The REM file extension is used as a file format for the ACT! Database Maintenance software of Cornerstone Solutions.
This in all the files used in the application's versions 3 to 6. This application allows the user to compress at the same time re-index their database on a daily, weekly and even on a monthly basis. This is also used by other file types such as Annotation and Delphi Memory Swap File.

Detailed information 

Category: System Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: Contact management
Open with Linux: N/A

File type: Raw Image Data


The RAW file extension is used in a 24-bit RGB graphic file that contains pieces of raw and uncompressed image data. It is also used in different settings such as the white balance and exposure that may be edited and modified using the appropriate software application after the RAW images have been saved in the computer.


Detailed information 

Category: Image Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: ACD Systems Canvas, Corel Paint Shop Pro, ACDSee Photo Manager, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Any image viewer/editor that supports RAW files
Open with Linux: N/A
The files using the RAW file extension are usually recordings of the direct and exact output taken from a CCD of a digital camera.
While there are RAW files, most of the time, a camera maker would give a different format for their RAW files. These file extensions are usually for their own format.
For instance, Canon uses either the CR2 or CRW, Fuji uses the RAF file extension, Minolta uses the MRW , Kodak uses the KDC, Olympus uses the ORF file extension, and Nikon uses the NEF file extension.
The DNG  is used by Adobe, PTX by Pentax, ARW by Sony, and X3F by Sigma.

File type: RealVideo Variable Bit Rate


What is

The RMVB file extension is used for the Real media Variable Bitrate (RMVB) files. The RMVB files usually contain pieces of multimedia data compressed using the proprietary RealMedia compression algorithm.

The video and audio streams are divided into different segments. Each segment is then encoded with different bitrates based on the complexity of the data, as well as the relative importance of the segments contained in it.

They are also optimized to allow streaming over the Web. The RMVB files may be opened using the Media Player Classic, Real Alternative, or RealPlayer codec set.


Detailed information 

Category: Video Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: RealNetworks RealPlayer
Open with Linux: RealNetworks RealPlayer
The files using the RMVB file extension are usually compressed with a variable bit rate. This rate is optimized for the video content.
The optimized rate becomes the newer and more recent variation of the RM or Real Media file that allows the files to be compressed more efficiently.

File type: Crystal Reports


What is

The RPT file extension is used for the output files or reports developed by Crystal Reports reporting application.

The files using this file extension may include pieces of data from multiple data sources, as well as multiple types of databases. The Crystal Reports application allows the user to transform pieces of data into more interactive contents.

The application then integrates these contents into COM, .NET, and Java applications and shares them via portals, wireless devices, and Microsoft Office documents.

The RPT files may also be viewed using other applications even without executing Crystal Reports application. An example of such is the DataLink Viewer program.


Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: Crystal Reports or BusinessObjects Enterprise
Open with Linux: N/A

File type: WinRAR Compressed Archive.

RAR stands for Roshal Archive Compressed file. It is a data container or a compressed file holding one or more folders and files in it. rar file is like a regular folder on your computer. Most computer software is downloaded in the form of .rar files. Even file sharing websites make their software available in.rar files and this makes it easier to compress the files. A compressed file can be downloaded in a smaller size so that it will not consume too much data during the downloading process. The compressed state of the files also helps to shorten the time it takes to download.

Furthermore, .rar can help to protect your files using password and encryption. As a result, the content can stay hidden and no unauthorized third party can access it.

Rar files are created using WinRAR archiver. They are compressed files that can be split into archives of several volumes especially when you are dealing with a large set of files. The files need to be extracted just like Zip files.

The RAR file extension is the file extension used to refer to compressed archives proprietarily using this archiving format. This file extension supports error recovery, spanning, and data compression. Though the files using the RAR file extension are less common, they are also used to refer to the Resource Adapter Archive, the standard format for deploying resource adapters and connectors on the WebSphere Application Server developed by IBM.

How you can open RAR file

Follow the steps highlighted below about how to open RAR file:

  • First of all, save the .rar file directly to your desktop. If the file is not currently on your desktop, you can search for it and copy it to the desktop. Did you download the file from a website on the internet? Then you can simply check the Download folder of your computer for the .rar file. Click on My Computer, depending on the version of the operating system that you are using. Then look for "Download" and click on it. It will bring out the list of the folders that you have downloaded. Next, look for the .rar file that you are interested in. Once you see it, left click on it and hold the left click in place and drag the .rar file from the download folder to an open space on your desktop. The .rar file will be automatically copied to your desktop.
  • Next, download the WinZip program from the internet or from any other source. You can also use any other program that can be used to access or open the .rar file. The trial version of the WinZip is available for download online. You can also go for the premium version of the program, which will give you more option and benefits. The free version is also available for just a short period. Make sure that the WinZip file is downloaded on your desktop. If it is downloaded in the download folder, follow the steps given above to copy it to your desktop. However, WinZip gets downloaded to the desktop automatically. Click on the desktop shortcut to open it; you can do this by either double-clicking the shortcut using your left click of the mouse or you can right click on the shortcut or icon to open a drop-down menu. Look for Open on the drop-down menu and left click on it.
  • Go to the file compressed .rar file and double click to open it. Once it opens, press down the left clicks and drag the mouse to select all the folders and files in the compressed file. If you only need some of the compassed files, you can multi-select only the needed one by pressing the CTRL key on your keyboard plus the left click on your mouse at the same time to select each of the folders or files you are interested in.
  • Next, click 1-click Unzip and then select Unzip to PC. You can also Unzip to Cloud; this feature can be found on the WinZip toolbar, which is located under the Unzip/Share tab.
  • Next, you should select the destination to which you want to place the file or folder that you have extracted and then click on  the Unzip button
  • Search for the file you have extracted in the destination folder that you have chosen earlier.

Opening .rar file on either Mac or Windows

You can open .rar files using Windows or Mac. Check below for some of the programs with which you can open the .rar file if you are using Mac or Windows.

Opening .rar files on Windows

You can use any of the windows-related programs below to open .rar files

  • Internet Explorer 8 or older
  • Windows XP
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Opening .rar files on Mac operating system

You can use any of the Mac-related programs below to open .rar files

  • Mac OS X 10.8
  • Mac OS 10.9
  • Mac OS 10.10
  • Intel 64-bit processor
  • Apple Retina Displays

To UnRar files on a Mac computer, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, click on the Unzip button
  • A drop-down menu will come up. Look for unzip on the list of the menu and click on it to unzip the files to your Mac computer. You can also choose to unzip the files to Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud Drive.
  • Once you make your selection from the drop-down menu, a window that looks like "Finder style" will appear. You can then browse the window for the folder where to save the files.
  • Afterward, click on Entire Zip to unzip the entire file. You can also click on Selected Items if you only want to unzip some of the files. You can equally decide to show unzipped items in the Finder. The options are endless.
  • Conversely, you can get this done by clicking on the New Folder tab and then type the name of the file and click on Create.

To unzip .rar files from the Context menu to your Mac computer, right click on the .rar file you have saved on your computer or you can press CTRL plus left click. You can then use the Context Menu to unzip the files. Next, check the bottom of the Context menu for Services and click on it. Next, proceed to unzip.

Unzip a RAR file from an email attachment

If the .rar file is sent to you as an email attachment, you can open it by double-clicking it.


Open RAR File

Category: Compressed Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: Zipeg, Alpha ZIP, Corel WinZip, Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe 12, Bitberry BitZipper, RARLAB WinRAR
Open with Linux: unrar
This file format was developed by Eugene Roshal, a Russian programmer. The RAR files also require a longer time to compress, although they have higher compression ratio compared to other archiving formats, like the GZIP or ZIP file extensions.
The improvement in the compression made using this file extension depends mainly on the files being compressed. Currently, the files using the file extension RAR may only be created with commercial software applications like Squeeze or WinRAR. Both applications are only available on the Windows Operating System.
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