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  • File description: Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Type: Graphics
  • Category: Vector Image
  • File format: Propriety
  • Developed by: W3C

svg file


Maybe you have received this format by mail and you don't know how to edit or view it. We will learn how we can view, edit, open and convert this svg extension


What is an SVG file

The SVG file extension is used mostly to describe two-dimensional or 2D vector graphics in the XML format. It means Scalable Vector Graphics.
SVG files are the standard format by W3C for vector graphics.
The pieces of data can be embedded in a specified Web page or may be stored or saved on their own file.
However, these files are not always compatible with all Web browsers. Also these kind of files can be animated or static images.
scalable vector graphics

How to open SVG files

open svg file

These are the simple instructions to do it:

  1. Locate the .svg file in your computer or mobile device.
  2. Double click on it.
  3. In the open with option select the appropiate program from the list.
  4. You will see in the following sections software to do this.
  5. If you don't have the program installed you will have to download and install it.


Programs that open and convert SVG files

Open with Windows:
  • Compatible Web browser,
  • Corel SVG Viewer,
  • Inkscape,
  • Adobe Flash Player,
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro,
  • Microsoft Visio,
  • Adobe SVG Viewer,
  • Corel Draw graphics suite.
Open with MAC:
  • Web browser,
  • Adobe Ilustrator,
  • GIMP,
  • Inkscape
Open with Linux:
  • GIMP,
  • Inkscape,
  • Web browser,
  • Kolourpaint.
The browsers are perfect free viewers. You can view the files online without  downloading it. However, it is not possible to edit.
Since they are in the XML format, the files may be accessed using text editors.
These images are also written as text.
These vector images also utilize geographical figures represented by specific mathematical equations.
This is as opposed to the raster images using pixels showed with different colors in order to create images.

How to convert

You can convert online using free converters like autotracer.



This format is also used by GTA and Quake III as game files to save the current progress.

File type: Windows System

The SYS extension is used mostly on Windows and MS-DOS platforms by SYStem. Generally, the files with the SYS extension contain executable codes for most hardware device drivers, such as the 1394bus.sys.

These files and documents execute on kernel-mode. This is the highest possible privilege for Microsoft Windows systems. This only means that errors or loopholes can cause great damage to the documents and in worst cases; errors may lead to data loss.


How to Open SYS Files

Category: System Files
Format: Propriety
With Windows: May be viewed with a text editor, Should not be opened manually
With Linux: N/A
Two notable and widely used with this extension are the msdos.sys and config.sys.
However, these two are not the same as the other SYS as these two contain configuration parameters not in executable codes but in text form.
These two are commonly used in MS-DOS with the autoexec.bat for controlling the ways the system is boot up. However, with the modern Windows systems, these  are already considered obsolete are now only utilized for backward compatibility only.

File type: AutoCAD R2000 Plot Style Table


The STB file extension is used for files created using an application directly related to the Genus Stub Libraries. This file format is also directly related to all the files created using the AutoCAD program from Autodesk Inc. Most files with the STB format do not open as other normal files do; therefore, a special process is required to open the STB files mainly utilized for drawing and designing.

The files with the .STB are often referred to or described as firmware files as they are commonly utilized to improve and enhance data reception from a satellite.


Detailed information 


Category: Data Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: AutoCADLTStyleSheetFile
Open with Linux: N/A
The STB file extension is also helpful and useful in learning arts. This is because the illustrations are used to provide the real view of drawings and designs.
Since this file format is proprietary used by applications from Autodesk Inc., many computers do not easily open them and these computers need to install the applications that support the said file format.

File type: ESPL Programming


The SPT file extension is the source code written using the ESPL language. This is used for developing programs with research or scientific applications. The language ESPL used to create the SPT files is capable of encrypting the ESPL programming files.

This language allows developers to sell and distribute their applications without revealing the proprietary formulas and source codes to their customers. TIt often come with a subscription with expiration dates. This means that the SPT files stop working after the expiration date.


Detailed information 


Category: Developer Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: Ensign ESPL Editor
Open with Linux: N/A
The SPT files cannot be viewed or edited and it cannot be altered or modified by the user.
They are text files may only be edited and viewed using the ESPL Editor platform. Moreover, the encrypted SPT files are saved using the LIB format.

File type: Windows Setup Information


The SIF file extension is used for the configuration files that contain pieces of setup information for the Windows XP and Windows NT Operating Systems.

These files contain the parameters indicated during the installation process of the Windows Operating System. These files include the user data, target path, display resolution, network settings, OEM status, and other types of information.


Detailed information 


Category: Setting Files
File format: Open Source
Open with Windows: Microsoft Windows XP
Open with Linux: N/A
The primary Windows SIF file's default name is 'winnt.sif'. If the Windows installer cannot locate the primary Windows SIF file, the installation process will not continue.
Moreover, if this file is missing, the installation disk or the optical drive may cause an error.
When this happens, the installation disk or the optical drive must be cleaned or replaced. The files using the SIF file extension may also be called as the answer files.

File type: Simple Verification


SFV File

The SFV files extension store pieces of checksum data for a folder, disk or file. It indicates the type of data it contains. It can be used for checking missing files, corrupt files or wrong sized files.

File verification is often done when burning a DVD or CD or when copying disks. The SFV file format may also be used for verifying files downloaded from the Internet. These verified files are also check for modification.

Usually it is a calculation of the CRC32 checksum of a file. It verify that it is a trust source file. And that the content is what you expect.


How to open a SFV file

You can use a SFV extractor or a SFV checker. See the examples below.

Category: Miscellaneous Files
File format:
Open with Windows:
  • pure-sfv,
  • RapidCRC,
  • MooSFV,
  • WinSFV,
  • SlavaSoft FSUM,
  • SFV Checker,
  • QuickSFV
Open with Linux:
  • pure-sfv,
  • Check SFV


How to Convert

You can convert it to other text formats like txt, rft, doc or html. To do it just rename the file and change the suffix.

File type: Windows Vista ReadyBoost Cache


The .SFCACHE file extension relates to Microsoft Windows Vista ReadyBoost Cache files. ReadyBoost is a typical Windows Vista feature that allows you to plug in an external device to your machine, say, a USB pen drive.

Such drives (also known as USB flash memory device) are usually connected to a USB 2.0 port on the computer.

The ReadyBoost feature is used in enhancing your system's performance by utilization of flash memory device as cache memory. There is one advantage out of this. It is much faster to cache the external memory devices than your hard drives, there


Detailed information 

Category: System Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: None (it is a Windows Vista system file and should not be opened)
Open with Linux:
The .SFCACHE file should never be opened.

File type: Super Nintendo Game ROM


What is a .SMC File

The SMC file extension is used for the digital images of the original cartridges utilized in the SNES or Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In order to run and work on these SMC files on the computer, the user must install an emulator. One of the more commonly used SNES emulators in the computer is the ZSNES.

This application is often used by users because it is simple and easy to use as it allows the users to locate the SMC files and play them. This file extension uses the mime type application/zip.


How to open SMC Files

Programs that can edit or convert theses files.

Category: Game Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: SNEeSe, ZSNES, Snes9X
Open with Linux: N/A


Open with

  1. Search for the .smc file in your device
  2. Double click on it
  3. Select open with option
  4. From the drop down list of apps and software select the viewer, app or program SNEeSe, ZSNES or Snes9X. If there is not any viewer installed you will have to download one of the programs we mentioned in the previous section.



  1. Open one of the nomedia viewers installed: SNEeSe, ZSNES or Snes9X emulators.
  2. From the application go to the menu of files to open the .smc file from your device.
  3. Now you can view the format in the app.


Convert SMC to NES

The NES files are for the nes emulators. The conversion is very simple just rename the file changing the suffix from SMC to NES


File type: Subtitle


What Is

The SRT file extension is utilized by the SubRip SubTitle files. The SRT files contain different subtitles ripped using DVD disks. They are usually a part of the process of converting DVD to DivX movies.

The files with the .SRT format can be employed by different video players to overlay subtitles over videos optionally. These files are commonly supported by MPlayer and VLC players. Moreover, a special codec is required to be installed to enable the SRT subtitles in the Windows Media Player, as well as in the applications using the WMP ActiveX control for the purpose of video playback.


Detailed information

Category: Video Files
File format: Open Source
Open with Windows: VideoLAN VLC , CyberLink PowerDirector, SRT2SUP, Microsoft Windows Media Player with installed VobSub plugin, BSPlayer, SubRipper
Open with Linux: VideoLAN VLC
Internally, the files using it contain subtitles and are associated with timestamps saved in plain TXT format so that they may be accessed using notepad.exe or other text editors.


File type: Signature


What is

The SIG file extension is used the file extension for the small text files that may be automatically attached or embedded to the end of email messages.

These small text files usually include the name and the email address of the sender and for work email, the file may also include the company name, the title of the person and the phone numbers.

Some people also choose to include a Bible verse or a quote in their email signature. Most email programs also support different signature files. These may be selected from the 'create new mess.


Detailed information 

Category: Text Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: QUALCOMM Eudora Pro, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
Open with Linux: N/A
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