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Open XAPK File

.XAPK file is categorized as a compressed file and comes in the zip format. It is a special package used for installing android apps on any mobile device. The file has a similarity to the standard .APK file .

However, it may also contain several other assets that are used by the app to be downloaded, egg a .OBB file; this file is responsible for storing several programs, like media files, graphics, and several other apps.

The .XAPK file is used to distribute apps on a third-party Android app that you have downloaded from the internet. The file is, however, not supported by Google Play.

Installer package

.XAPK file is not a standard app installer package. As a result, it must be manually installed or the installation must be done using a XAPK installer.

After you have downloaded the .XAPK file, the app can still be installed to your Android device with the aid of a XAPK installer.

If you prefer you install any additional file manually, you can get the XAPK file unzipped first and then move the unzipped files to the right location on your mobile device.

It is, however, difficult to deliver the apps through Google Play since the size of the concerned APK file must not be more than 50MB.

This is forcing apps developers to go for other files for storing additional media assets and graphics, like the OBB file mentioned earlier.

Due to the limitation mentioned above, some of the developers publicize their apps on several other sites aside from Google Play. The .XAPK format can be used for packaging the OBB and APK files together to bring about a seamless installation and delivery process when an android app is being downloaded from a site that is not Google Play.

Before you download the file in the XAPK format from any external source aside from Google Play, you should first verify if that website is trustworthy or not since it is possible to distribute malware and even spyware through .XAPK files.


How to open .XAPK files

You can open XAPK file on your android device by using the APKPure app. If you are using Windows Operating System, on the other hand, you can use Pure APK Install to open the .XAPK file on your Windows device.

If you do not have access to any of the programs mentioned above for opening the .XAPK, you can install the file manually by changing the file extension.

In this case, you need to:

  1. First open the .XAPK file.
  2. Then launch the File Manager.
  3. Locate the .XAPK file and change the name of the extension to .ZIP.
  4. You can then navigate to Google Play to download the RAR app.
  5. Next, copy the .obb file into any location you prefer and install the APK.
  6. after which the app will collect the resources automatically from the OBB data file and it will open as intended.

It is equally possible to open the file using your PC. You will need to first download Pure APK Install on your PC before you can do this.

One other helpful app for opening the .XAPK file is the Uptodown App.

  • File type: Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
  • Developer: Microsoft


XLS are spreadsheet or chart files that are created with the help of Microsoft Excel that comes in the Microsoft Office Suite Package.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application which is one of the most popular and widely used spreadsheet applications in the industry; other competitors like Lotus 1-2-3 have not been able to cope up with it.

These files with .xls extension store the data in the cells and organize them in rows and columns as a table.

These spreadsheets can be created with the help of Works 8.0 but can also be read by Microsoft Excel.


How to Open XLS Files

Category: Data File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Excel (free trial), Microsoft Works, Excel Viewer
Open with Linux: libreoffice
  1. Find your .xls file in your device
  2. Double click on the file icon
  3. In the open with question select one of the installed viewers: Microsoft excel, microsoft works or the excel viewer.
  4. If you don't have any excel viewer installed you have to donwload it first.
  5. Confirm
  6. View your .xls file in the viewer.


File type: Microsoft Excel Open XML Document


XLSX is a spreadsheet format that was introduced by Microsoft Excel 2007 which came as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite 12.

These files store the data in the cells and organize them in rows and columns as a table. These spreadsheets can be created with the help of Works 8.0. Also you can create it with Microsoft Excel.

The XSLX format of the spreadsheet is based on the Open XML format. It has a ZIP compression for smaller file sizes. These files are not directly backwards compatible with Microsoft Office 2000, or Office XP or even Office 2003. But they can support it using component support. Let's see how to open XLSX File with a free viewer or software.


How to Open XLSX File

Category: Data File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows:
  • Windows Server with GemBox.Spreadsheet .NET component,
  • Panergy docXConverter,
  • Calc,
  • OxygenOffice Professional,
  • Excel 2000, XP,
  • Excel 2003 with the Compatibility Pack installed,
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above versions
Open with Linux: OxygenOffice Professional

File type:  Adobe Flash Exchange Format


One commonly file format today is an XFL File. In this piece, we will show how to open an XFL file to view what it contains. 

XFL files are generally associated with Adobe Systems (Flash). When Adobe introduced their CS4 products, they came in a new exchange format, the XFL. XFL files are ZIP archives that contain the source materials for any Flash document. Inside the XFL file is an XML file that describes the documents in such a manner that Adobe Flash can read.

The XML file inside the XFL zip archive also provides descriptions for other constructs and contents in the document.

What is an XFL File for?

The purpose of creating an XFL file is to provide an avenue for other programs to create their own Flash files. And to also exchange the data source for such files. For example, it can be for modify images in an archive without disrupting the timeline.

How to open an XFL file?

To open an XFL file, you will need to install a software like Adobe Flash on your device. If you don't have compatible software on your system, you will get this message “How do you want to open this file? Or you may see this “Windows cannot open the file." These are the type of messages you may get each time you try to open the XFL file without a suitable program. If you are unable to open your file directly, do the following:

  • Right-click the file in question
  • Click “Open with” then choose the application that you downloaded.


Below are two very effective programs to open or/and to convert an XFL file

#1 Flash by Adobe Systems

Adobe Flash System is a specific program for XFL files. You can download it onto your system and use it according to directions.

#2 xICE Desktop encrypted folder 

xICE Desktop by Network At Home Ent uses algorithm encryption. It is password protected. xICE protects your files with a password. It can also to encrypt folders, files, and emails that have several attachments. 


Although there are other 3rd party programs that work well with XFL files, Adobe Flash and xICE Desktop are two of the most widely used programs for XFL files. Adobe Flash is the flagship program by the developer, which is what makes it very effective. xICE, on the other hand, is equally effective, and it provides you with the added value of file, emails, and folder protection through its password lock.


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