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Open THM File

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File type: Thumbnail Image


THM files are used for very small images the size of icons which are used for representing larger images in a gallery display of images.

These files are typically used on the web or in clipart galleries and can be created by various photo editing or re-touching applications.

These files are even produced by some of the digital cameras as small images to be displayed as a gallery of pictures on the camera since smaller pictures are easier to be displayed on the screen and take much lesser time for loading.


Detailed information 


Category: Image File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Theme Creator Pro, Sony Ericsson Themes Creator, Any picture viewer, ACD Systems ACDSee, Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer
Open with Linux:
These files are also used as thumbnail images for video clips when they are created or when the video clips are saved.
They stores a small image from the first few initial frames from the video clip to represent the video clip. It is used for galleries that list the videos for easy and quick scanning through the video clips.
Video thumbnails are als often created right on the digital video cameras and the digital cameras that record video.
THM files usually can but sometimes might not be trasferred to the computer on transferring the videos from the device. The THM files share the same filename as that of the video clip.
THM files are also used by Sony Ericsson Mobile devices for storing settings which are used for configuring and customizing the complete user interface of the mobile device, it includes within itself data for displaying special windows, text colors, wallpaper, icons and also other images and files.
These can be created or edited with the help of Theme Creator which is provided by Sony Ericsson itself.

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