Open TORRENT File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

  • File type: Bit Torrent distribution system
  • Internet media: application/x-bittorrent
  • Standard: BEP-000


What is a .torrent file

Torrent is a special protocol that was designed to overcome some of the shortcomings of the peer-to-peer networks.

In peer-to-peer networks one of the major drawbacks was the difficulty of searching and finding files on the network since it is a very computationally complex problem to search for files on thousands of systems connected to the network.

It is a protocol whereby the problem of searching the files is solved by creating and distributing small .TORRENT files which have information regarding the various seeds and peers for a file that is being downloaded on the torrents network using torrent protocol.

Seeds by definition are workstations that have the complete file downloaded, and share for uploading with other downloaders.

Leechers are workstations that are in the process of downloading a file and have at least some part of the it downloaded already.

Any user downloading a file at any time is a leecher and he may be connected to either a seed or a leecher for downloading any files part by part.

How to open torrent files

Category: Data Files
Files format: Open Standard
Open with Windows:
  • Mozilla Firefox with the FoxTorrent extension,
  • Ares Torrent Downloader,
  • Azureus,
  • Transmission,
  • GetRight,
  • ?Torrent,
  • Mldonkey,
  • Shareaza,
  • BitLord,
  • Opera,
  • FlashGet,
  • BitComet,
  • BitTorrent
Open with Linux:
  • Mozilla Firefox with the FoxTorrent extension,
  • Azureus,
  • Transmission,
  • Mldonkey,
  • Deluge,
  • Ktorrent
Open with Android:
  • Flu and utorrent app.
  • The .TORRENT is a standard text based computer file which can be opened and edited using any standard text editor.
  • It has the metadata and details of the number of seeders and Leechers that are available for a file download with their IP addresses. They also have information relating to trackers and network locations.
  • Trackers are servers that regularly announce information about leechers and seeds for a file download. Also help the client or user downloading a file to keep track of the seeds and leechers for it regularly.
  • Torrents are used to download all kinds of files that have been shared by users just like that in peer-to-peer networks. The only difference being that the user doesn’t need to search for the files.
  • Also, you can use it to download audio, video, softwares, and just about anything.


There is no point in converting torrent files as they are metadata. The conversion to regular types like pdf, mp4, exe, mkv, zip is not possible.


Download Torrent

Download torrents is very easy but you have to take care about virus and malware. This kind of files are one of the most infected.