Open U File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Subsampled Raw YUV Image, Unreal Tournament Class Package File, AU Audio


YUV is a representation that is used by the Stanford MPEG codec. There are three files .Y .U and .V which are created from a PPM split file.

These files are also used by the Unreal Tournament game and contain the settings which are used by the game.

The files are usually stored in the System folder under the Unreal Tournament installation folder for instance ‘Unreal\System\Engine.u.’ These files may also be replaced with custom classes. .U Files are also used as audio containers and are used typically for storing encoded audio data.

These files were first introduced by the Sun Microsystems and were also used by the MusicKit application for the NeXT operating system. These files usually consist of a special header which includes the six 32-bit words of data and also optionally has an information section and that is then followed by the audio data.


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File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Apple QuickTime Player with QuickTime YUV codec, Windows Media Player with YUV Genius package, Edit with Epic Games UnrealEd
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