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Excel file is one of the most popular spreadsheets and it is developed by Microsoft. The file extension is accessible on various operating streams, like macOS and Windows. Furthermore, it is accessible on android operating systems, like iOS and Android. This ease of adaptability makes it even more popular.

The file comes with various features and these features make it an essential tool for both personal and professional uses. Many businesses find it useful for various accounting and inventory purposes also. The tool can be used for various calculations. It can also be used for graphic purposes via its numerous graphics tools.

Some other tools accessible on this platform are below:

  • It features a macro programming language referred to as Visual Basic for Applications
  • Pivot tools
  • It also features various graphic tools
  • Furthermore, it has calculation tools

The first version of the file was created in 1993 and named as version 5. This was the version of the spreadsheet that came after Lotus 1-2-3, which was formerly the standard spreadsheet. The excel files do not come as a single file; rather, they come as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.

The file was first released in 1987 and it gets a regular update from the company. The macOS version of the file was first released in 1865, September 30 to be precise. The Mac version also gets a regular update by the company. It is proprietary commercial software with incomparable features and functions. Furthermore, Microsoft Corporation released the android version of the file at a much later date and this version equally gets a regular upgrade from the company.

Basic operation

As hinted earlier, an excel file is a spreadsheet and it uses a grid of cells and each cell bears a number. The arrangement of the cells is in columns and rows. The columns bear alphabets, while the rows bear numbers. The spreadsheet can perform various functions and you can use it to display data in the form of a graph, chart or histograph. However, the spreadsheet has a rather limited 3D graphical display. You can use it to section data so that you can easily view how it depends on various factors for varieties of perspectives with the aid of scenario manager and pivot tables.

The Visual Basic for Applications also has a programming aspect. The programming aspect allows the end-user to solve mathematical physics, differential equations and also handle various numerical methods. The interactive features of the excel file also make it even more functional. You can use the excel files to also create show slides; you can equally send any document you have created on the excel spreadsheet via email very easily. Be that as it may, you cannot use them as a database.


The excel file has various add-ins that make the spreadsheet even more functional. Some of the add-ins are highlighted below:

  • Solver add-in: It functions for solving equations and for optimization.
  • Euro Currency Tools: It can format and convert euro currency
  • Analysis ToolPak VBA: It functions for the Analysis ToolPak.
  • Analysis ToolPak: It offers various tools for data analysis that can carry out various engineering and statistical analysis; some of the analysis include regression analysis and analysis of variance.

Password protection

After creating an excel file, you can decide to password-protect it so that no other person will have access to the file; this is very important if the file contains very important information that you do not want a third party to access. Microsoft Excel offers various types of password protection; you can check below for the types:

  • Password to protect workbook sharing
  • A Password to protect your excel workbook
  • Password to modify any excel document
  • Password to open any excel document.

If you do not want to password the workbook or document anymore, you can easily remove the password any time you feel like removing it. Removal of a password is very easy on any version of Microsoft excel for that matter. However, it is not possible to remove the password to open a document; you can use this particular type of password mainly to share the work on a given document. An excel document under the protection of password does not need encryption.

Microsoft Excel File extensions available

The excel files come with different extensions, but they all work for the same purpose. Check the highlights below for the available extensions:

All the available formats here.

The XLSX is the current default extension for an excel file; this came in 2007. However, XLS was the first excel file extension to be used and it ceased in 2007. The two of them are different in some ways. The XLSX is an XML-based file format, while the XLS is a proprietary format from Microsoft. Be that as it may, many of the newer versions of excel documents are accessible and can also be saved using the XLS extension. The use of the XLS extension improves compatibility to other excel extensions and several other Microsoft extensions.

XML is an extensible markup language. It has a strong relationship with HTML, which is the acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. This latter extension is a web page extension. Check below for some of the advantages of the XML extension:

  • It ensures easier detection of tiles that contain macros.
  • It ensures a better and faster recovery of information from any of your files already damaged.
  • The file size is small and this ensures easier transfer and storage.

The XLTX or the XLTM is excel file extensions for a template file. They come with excel files that you store as a template file, which are files that you can use as starter files when you open a new excel workbook. The templates contain saved settings and you can check the highlights below for some of the default settings:

  • The number of sheets in each workbook
  • Custom toolbars
  • Graphics
  • Formulas
  • Formatting

XLTM and XLTX have several features in common, but the two of them differ in that the XLTM extension can store XML macro code and VBA.






Video file extensions and formats are of different types. This is not surprising because they each serve different purposes. As a video content creator or a videographer, you need to be aware of the various video file extensions of video formats out there. The knowledge can help you a great deal in your profession and help you to even create better videos.

 It is important to use the best video format when projecting your videos on big screens or when you are uploading the video on websites, like YouTube. Using the right video format will improve the quality of your video and make it more presentable to all who may want to watch it.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you some of the most common video file extensions formats available out there today.

Containers, codecs and compression

Video files tend to be large and this is one of the most obvious challenges. The size of the files even gets larger with the use of high-resolution monitors and cameras that make both 8K and 4K accessible to the general public. The existing limitation in available bandwidth or storage space makes the issue of size a very important one. Consequently, each video file comes with a measure of compression degree and available in the codec form.

Video codecs

A video codec works by compressing and decompressing video files. The compression can either be lossless or lossy also.

The lossy type does the compression by creating smaller sizes of files. However, it leaves out some amount of data and this will cause the quality of the video to be somewhat low. This is apparent with a series of compression. The recurrent compression will culminate in the loss of a significant quantity of data in a cumulative manner.

The lossless type of compression, on the other hand, will safely keep every data from the original file and this will ensure a video with far better quality; it will equally prevent the progressive damage or degradation of the video files consequent of multiple saves. While the lossless type ensures better video quality, it will result in a large file since it does not leave out any of the files.

Most Common Video File Extensions

These are the most common video file types and their extensions:

  • HEVC (H.265), which makes video compression a lot more efficient than before.
  • MPEG-2, which came before MPEG-4 and was the standard codec for early versions of Blu-ray and DVDs discs. End-users that need video streaming software rarely use this since those who have such needs can access a better option.
  • DivX, which is among the oldest video code types and can maximize the quality of the video, while sacrificing the larger size of files. It also has use in various commercial settings where there is little concern about the size of the video file.
  • MPEG-4, which commonly streams videos and equally useful for the online streaming of videos. The compatibility range is very wide too.
  • H264, which is among the most common set of video codec formats and it is also among the most efficient codec. It comes with smaller sizes of files and will not require much download data or storage space. This video format is compatible with MP4 containers and you can play them on various streaming services and video players

Video containers

As its name implies, video container bundles all video elements and store all of them in a container or one package. Some of the elements thus stored are the codec, video metadata, subtitles, audio streams and so on. Each of the types of video containers is highly compatible with a particular video codec. The video editing software you use should only permit the end-user to select a compatible pairing. However, it must attempt to plan what container and codec that you will like to use far ahead of time as this will help you to avoid the occurrence of any issuer when the final video is being rendered.

Some of the most common examples of video containers are highlighted below

  • MP4, which is about the closest to a universal standard of video formats. It is compatible with several versions of video players.
  • WMV, which also means Windows Media Video. It has the smallest file size among all other video formats. It is a very good option if there is a need to send the video via various methods, including email. However, the quality is on the low side when you compare it to other formats in this category.
  • AVI, which is among the most universally accepted and also among the oldest video file formats available out there today.
  • FLV, which mainly works for Adobe Flash Player. The videos that come with this format are relatively common. The file size is small and you can play it on third party flash players. Be that as it may, its use is not as common as it was in times past.
  • MOV, which you can also call QuickTime player. It originates from Apple and works mainly for QuickTime player. The quality of the MOV video format is usually very high. Be that as it may, the volume of the file is very huge. One other factor worthy of consideration is the compatibility of this video format; it is not especially compatible with other non-QuickTime video players. Even at that, you can still play such videos on non-QuickTime players via several third-party video players.

Which one to consider

As a newbie choosing the right video format, you may get confused about the right one to choose. Most individuals involved in video creation go for either H.264 or MP4 when creating videos. Most individuals that upload videos on YouTube go for either of these formats. They go for either of the formats because it gives a mix of high quality and small file size. This format is also available on video cameras. Furthermore, it can be played on different types of devices, both mobile and otherwise.

What is your specific need? This is a very important question you should ask before you choose the right video format to use. You should also consider who your audience is, as well as, bear in mind how the audience will watch your videos.

A software that maintains customer contact data like names, addresses, as well as contact numbers is CRM (customer relationship management). It also keeps a check on client activity, website visits, phone records, emails, and much more.

CRM is starting to be a piece of priceless equipment in several fields of businesses. But do you know how it works for the real estate market? These software are fulfilling their roles by facilitating brokers in placing their clients in the property they always desired. Some are free and some are paid.

Real estate is a field of business that deals with transactions that are important for several clients. So is necessary to be clear and specific about what their clients are looking for.

Along with the capability of know what your consumer wants. You also require flexibility to be able to trade efficiently with your clients. And to get their requirements concerning possible purchases.

Let’s talk about the best CRMs a real estate firm could put into use:

Best CRM for real estate list comparative review

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one option of CRM for real estate platform that offers a common understanding of each client to each and every department in your firm.

CRM software for real estate agents, facilitates them in the simplification of agent communication, the property-acquiring procedure for their clients, and seeks to ensure a merry and fruitful relationship for everybody who is involved in the process.


Salesforce possesses a number of edges that arise from its cloud nature as it is a cloud-based CRM.

  • Salesforce CRM is formulated in such a way that it permits you to attend the problems of the client at the earliest possible time. Quicker response from your end could, in turn, save you a lot of time as well as your effort, without letting your prospective purchaser escape away.
  • As the use of Salesforce CRM provides the user with integrated data from all parts of the world, their impossible task of sorting information from diverse sources would become a piece of cake which in turn will save loads of your valuable time. Its all-time accessibility also makes the use of this software more easier as well as apt for international dealings.
  • Salesforce CRM offers you pieces of equipment that help you in reviewing your methods so that you can eradicate unfruitful ones smoothly and can employ the ones that work well for you.




  • The selection of additional products to add to your solution involves increased costs. If you hold widespread requirements in sales, client service, and marketing, much like the ones in the real estate market and intend to view them all with Salesforce goods, the note is obvious: be prepared to pay.


  • Each version of Salesforce accessible for purchase has system constraints which may hinder certain commercial transactions. These things are essential to bear in mind before you plan on opting for a CRM management system for your estate business.



Certain concerns of the clients are left unresolved at the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. If you're owning an estate business then selecting the right CRM that answers all your customer queries on time is essential. 

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM offers firms a medium to handle and study client data, draw relations from diverse data sources in order to disclose profound knowledge and portray opportunities, create sales funnels and carry out loyalty campaigns.

The clever and user-friendly CRM solution equips you with all the basic features that are required and are not very puzzling as compared to other CRM platforms.

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, HubSpot provides a visual control panel with a real-time display of the overall sales funnel. All the inbound and outbound communications with a client like email, social network or telephone calls can be tracked.


  • Not most individuals working in the real estate market need to be IT experts. HubSpot is ideal for non-IT experts as it has a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to operate naturally and speedily along with all the additional assistance your negotiations require.
  • If you're still seeking a strong foundation of your real estate business, then there exists no better companion than HubSpot CRM that will help your business to expand rapidly.=


  • There exist certain constraints while using this platform due to its newness and unfamiliarity in the CRM market.
  • It is prominent that HubSpot CRM is ideal for letting your business grow but a few departments working with this platform might find it complicated to use as of now.
  • Its platform is quite inflexible.


3. Pipedrive CRM

If a business plan on executing sales activities and examining details, then the Pipedrive CRM platform can be considered apt for them. This platform simplifies the procedure of all the measures involved in transforming a possible deal into a successful sale. This solution can be accessed from any browser and at all times as it is a cloud-based application.


  • The application can be operated fluently in a short period of time without the need for a kind of technical training.
  • You will be able to access any kind of data whenever you need through your mobile and the right app as we know that being a real estate agent involves multiple site trips and tiresome work.
  • Pleasing a client through beautiful visuals makes up an important part of a deal. Pipedrive CRM platform has employed a unit of designers that create eye-pleasing visuals and are convenient for the visitor to work with. They also develop powerful stunning presentations to build up a clientele.


  • Pipedrive's major disadvantage is that it provides limited support to the visitors who visit the website. This can prove to be a loss for real estate firms as they would end up losing a client due to the inadequate provision of support.
  • Downloading and fully setting Pipedrive could be very complicated for estate firms as there are only a few leads available on the worldwide web.
  • The generation of reports from the Pipedrive platform is much easier than getting an advanced report on it. If you're seeking for advanced reports, then you may want to consider another CRM platform.

4. Zoho CRM

The on-demand as well as SaaS-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution is non-other than Zoho CRM. This solution is fabricated majorly to direct sales, marketing, contacts, customer service as well as diverse managerial functions.

Zoho CRM allows you to personalize contact fields to elucidate the individual in more effective as well as in more considerable terms. 

Zoho CRM also instructs you on how you can personalize your fields.



  • Zoho CRM enables you to transfer any sort of mail electronically, straight out of the program.
  • It allows you to grade your potential clients and rank them accordingly so you know which one to give priority to.
  • Flexible platform with the necessary marketing communication activities. It is a platform accessible 24/7 and very flexible.



  • Being a newly-launched firm, it consists of a few technical malfunctions/foibles that are still being worked upon.
  • At times it provides considerably slow customer assistance, transferring them to several departments. That, in turn, could cause the firm clientele loss. And clients are very vital when it comes to a real estate business.
  • Some of the features of this platform require a certain amount of cost to be availed. It also takes a lot of time to set-up. 

Being a real estate firm all the above cons should be taken into account and should be considered while selecting CRM software for your business.


5. bpm’online CRM:


Bpm’online is a software platform that emphasizes on business process automation and CRM and is one of the leading software in the market of CRM platforms. This software is armed with several creative and uncommon solutions which in turn helps in simplifying your company processes, enhance staff productiveness, and makes meaningful CRM data that provides an improved and more stable service to your clients.



  • One can disclose several wealthy sources of data of landlords, agents, buyers as well as sellers that can help an estate firm in building and maintaining client relationships.
  • bpm’online CRM has your market needs covered as it takes functions like the posting of your listings on the market, evaluating campaigns and scoring your leads into account.



  • You might have to make a considerable amount of personalizations to the system, as the scope of the project is large.
  • One who is owning this software would also have to face the issues of modular pricing and would have to pick what they really would need.
  • It is important to bear the changes made into the mind as it would be difficult to go back and change it. 


6. amoCRM:

amoCRM is a CRM and sales management base on a cloud platform. It consists of bulky contact information so that agents could fix their focus on the human side of selling, fostering relationships, comparing and matching prospect choices with listings as well as the finalization of the sales.

This application also facilitates real estate in computing digital sales pipelines apart from the aforementioned functions.



  • amoCRM supplies potent abilities in a visceral interface that can even be for non-professionals.
  • amoCRM coats all several channels and draws leads from them so your contact database broadens without you proactively participating in it.



  • One of its major disadvantage is that it doesn’t work with documents.
  • It also has a few bugs with might hamper its functioning and it may create problems for estate business owners while conducting crucial transactions.
  • It also causes a slight delay during its use.


7. OnContact CRM

OnContact CRM is renowned by long-standing consumers for its variety of progressed features. The  new 10th edition gets you hard sales, marketing mechanization, customer assistance and contact center. The vital features it has, are on a sole dashboard so that you wouldn't need to master intricate navigation patterns.



  • It offers a supplementary procedure for fragmenting your client list. You can effortlessly trace the operations of all the parties concerned with the transactions of the estate.
  • Making use of that fragmented data of clients and potentials permits you to formulate customized working procedures. It will facilitate the automation of your communications. Which in turn will give rise to your efficiency.
  • The unification for your web address with your CRM  ensures that your website is current or not. It also permits you to put emphasis on clients rather than tiresome and boring website upkeeping.



  • Small businesses might find the process of implementation overwhelming. As a result of the absolute number of features incorporated.
  • And the three-user minimum and insufficiency of a low-level layered edition of the software may also grant small and microbusiness owners a halt.
  • It is a little costly as compared to other CRM systems and not all businesses might find it suitable enough.


How to choose the best CRM for real estate

A great sales equipment can prove to be a great companion to your CRM for real estate platform. Which in turn would help to generate more sales and leads. You can acquire these leads by making use of predefined requirements. 

If you have picked the CRM of your choice then you also should search for CRM software platforms. You can also search for some ideal marketing pieces of equipment that will facilitate you to compete better.

Take into account the price, features, pros and cons to choose it.


For those who work with XML files regularly, opening such files with ease to view the data they contain will only make out work easier as we can work a lot faster with little or no inhibitions. Just in case you didn't know, there are several ways to open XML files.

Using only one method may not always be in your best interest, so read on to find out other ingenious ways to open them.

What is an XML File?

Before we proceed, it will be wise for us to first understand in technical detail what an XML file is.

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. These are basically standard ASCII text based files and hence can be opened or edited using any standard text editor. These files use tags for defining objects as well as objects attributes. These files are formatted in a similar manner as HTML documents but usually contain custom tags which have no meaning in HTML for defining of the custom data they are meant to hold.


XML files have picked up popularity in the recent past due to their ease of parsing and small size enables them for ease of transferring over the internet quickly. XML files are used very commonly today in technologies such as SOAP, Web Services, AJAX, etc where the underlying data is all communicated to and from the servers in XML files.

For starters, it is a language markup curated by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to define a selected series of syntax for document encoding.

These codes are readable by both humans and computers through tags. Similarly to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which also uses shortcodes, the only difference is that XML uses a longer and more extensive code to describe its format.

What’s more? the users can use their own special markups to describe their own content in a defining way. This, along with its ease of use, is one of the reasons why this format is widely used by many. To clearly distinguish HTML from XML, let’s say that

  • HTML is used for content presentation
  • XML is used as a dedicated storage platform for data language description 

Some common document formats that use XML include 

  • ATOM and RSS – Describe how your reader handles news feeds
  • Microsoft.NET – Is used to configure files 
  • Microsoft Office 2007 and Subsequent Versions – Structures documents. Eg. What X represents in.DOCX

How Do you Open an XML File?

Now that we have given you a brief overview of what is and what it is used for let us show you how to open one directly.

1. Use a Text Editor

If you work with XML files all the time, you can hasten the process by using a Text Editor. However, you should know that a lot of Editors are not designed to display your XML files in a proper structure. What this means is that the file will come out differently from what you are often used to. Text Editors are best used to open them so as to take a quick look. To use a Text Editor, just do the following.

  • Right-click the file you wish to open
  • Point your cursor to “Open With” on the menu
  • Click “Notepad”

This action will open the file within seconds.

NB: Text Editors are suitable for glancing the data in the XML file. If you want to work extensively with or on their data, an Editor may not be an ideal tool.

2. Use your Web Browser 

If you do not intend to edit the file, you can use a Web Browser to view the structured data it contains. You can even use the browser you are using to read this article to view the file or files. It may also interest you to know that most browsers have default settings, which are set as a default viewer for XML files. To open with a Web Browser, follow these steps.

  • Double click the XML file with your cursor 
  • When the file opens, it will display a structured data
  • Scroll through the data to view

NB: The data will be clear to see but will not be as colorful as what is obtainable with Notepad++.


3. An Online Editor 

Do you know that you can do more than just the viewing of an XML file with an Online Editor? You can also edit and convert them too. If you wish to edit the data but you don't want to go through the stress of downloading a text editor, you can download a free Online Editor. An Online Editor can be used for conversion purposes. Some very good Online Editors are


These websites can enable you to view and edit your XML files. Once you are done with the edition, you can then re-download the file or convert it to a different format of your choosing.


4. Use the XML- JSON for conversion 

Another very easy way to open your XML file is to the following 

  • Use the Export to CSV key to saving your file in comma-separation
  • You can also use the download command to download changes made to the XML file


These four steps above are very simple steps to open and even convert your XML files.

Although you can use any of them, it is often best to use the option that offers you the best results based on your personal preference. If you only want to view the file, it is best to use a Text Editor or a Web Browser. If you intend to convert the file to a different format, XML/JSON converter or an Online Editor will be appropriate.

File type: Calendar file, CALS raster, Cakewalk Application Language script, CyberAudioLibrary link, Daqarta Extended audio data, digital camera firmware update, QV Map Geographic coordinates, radiance function file format, schedule data, superCalc worksheet


Problem with a CAL file? Does your computer fail to open?  Know here what CAL files are and how to open your CAL files.


What is a CAL file?

The file extension Cal is commonly associated with calendar and scheduling applications. The CAL files have the events and dates included in the calendar schedule. It may contain for each calendar month custom images.

Among the many uses of the CAL file extension is to name the calendar files of many applications. These include:
  • American Greetings CreateaCard,
  • PrintMaster,
  • Broderbund software,
  • Printmaster,
  • DOS Calendar Creator,
  • MS Windows 3.x Calendar,
  • HTML Calendar Maker Pro,
  • and Print Shop.
cal image
Similar to its function as a calendar file, the CAL file extension also names CALS Raster files. This is another bitmap format file developed during the 1980s.
Back then, it was the standard graphics data interchange for electronic publishing for the government. The name CALS is the acronym for Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support.
Today, that same extension is for several graphics applications like:
  • the Adobe Photoshop,
  • Graphics Converter Pro,
  • PhotoPhilia,
  • and Paint Shop Pro.


CAL files are developed in the 3ds Max software that is used for 3D modeling and animation. It has the Biped characters stored in FIG files in association with CAL files can be.


How to Open CAL files?


Unable to open CAL files on the computer may be due to various reasons. The foremost reason is lacking suitable software to support CAL installed on the device. The simplest way of solving this issue is to download the appropriate application.


Category: Graphic files, Data files, Script files, Audio files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows:
  • Broderbund Print Shop,
  • Calendar Creator,
  • American Greetings CreateaCard,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2,
  • Graphics Converter Pro,
  • Cakewalk Application Language,
  • CyberAudio, Daqarta,
  • DOS Calendar Creator,
  • HTML Calendar Maker Pro,
  • PhotoSmart 850 Digital Camera,
  • QV Map, Radiance Function,
  • SuperCalc,
  • MS Windows 3.x Calendar
Open with Linux:
  • Broderbund Print Shop,
  • Printmaster,
  • Adobe Photoshop
Moreover, the CAL file works as an application language script file for Cakewalk. This is a programming language used to process various events. Cakewalk can be used to extend Pro Audio as well as Professional with its custom-editing instructions.
The CAL file extension is also an audio file for Daqarta, an audio application to produce better performance of the Windows sound card. CyberAudioLibrary also use the CAL file extension as its audio file.
Meanwhile, this file extension works as a useful coordinates file for the QV Map Geographic. This application creates a topographic file with the PNY file extension. This file is used for some GPS applications. The CAL file extension works as a geographic coordinates for every PNY file.


Likely problems with CAL format files

The inability to operate or open the CAL file always does not mean you have not installed the software on your computer. Other issues are blocking the ability to operate the CAL S Raster Image Format File. However, here is a list of likely problems opening the CAL files:

  • CAL file corrupted when it is being opened.
  • Incorrect links in registry entries to the CAL file.
  • Accidental deletion of the CAL description from the Windows registry
  • Incomplete installation of application supporting the format of CAL.
  • The CAL file gets infected when it is open with some undesirable malware
  • The computer lacks hardware resources to handle the CAL file opening
  • Equipment drivers used by the computer are out of date to open a CAL file.


If you are certain that any of these reasons exist or maybe the problem in your case, you should check. If not, the CAL file will operate without any problem with your programs.

Also, If the CAL file problem is not any of all these likely issues. Then it may be some rare problem in the opening of the CAL file. The only option now is to seek staff assistance.


How to associate with installed software?


If you wish to associate CAL file with some new program, you can do it in two ways:

  • The easiest and the first way is to select a CAL file and right-click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu, ‘choose default program'.
  • Click on ‘Browse' to find the desired program.
  • You should confirm this operation entirely by clicking ‘Ok.'


  • The tough and second way is to associate the file extension of CAL in the Windows Registry to the corresponding software.


Many files just contain simple text data. If you try to open the file with a text editor like notepad. Then some data will be encoded.

This method facilitates you to glance at the file’s contents, but it may not be possible to see in a structure as a program actually supports to dedicate seeing them.





Are you experiencing difficulty in opening the RAG file on your computer; it may be due to several reasons. The foremost reasons are the lack of suitable software supporting the RAG on your device. A simple way of solving this problem is to download the appropriate application and to install it on your computer.


What is a RAG file?

The RAG file type is associated primarily with RAGS Games File by RAGS Game. The RAGS represent the ‘Rapid Adventure Game System.' It is an adult games common game engine, and it is free to play games and to use it. This game involves merely click and read; there is diverse toolset with images for the story progression, player inventory, and more.


Rags Game

ou need from the Player to play the games made using RAGS. The fact is often a game is expected to be played in the particular version of the Player that it was made in.  Thus, it means you should check the game version requirements. It is also best to have two versions installed on your computer of the Player.


rag image


Possible Issues with RAG format files

When there is a hindrance in operating or opening the RAG file, not having appropriate software is not the only reason. You have to look into other related problems blocking the ability. The other possible issues are:

  • Corruption of an open RAG file.
  • Accidental deletion of the RAG description from the registry of Windows
  • Incorrect links in registry entries to the RAG file
  • Incomplete installation of application supporting the format of RAG
  • RAG file gets infected by malware when it is open
  • Lack of hardware resources in your computer
  • Out of date drivers in the computer that fails to open a RAG file


Beyond these reasons, if the RAG file fails to open, the best is to contact for technical assistance to avail of professional help.


How to open the RAG file? Opener and Player

Opening a RAG file is possible only with suitable software such as RAGS Games File from RAGS Game.

You can download here the opener:

Without appropriate or specific software, there will be a Windows message asking,' How do you want this file to open?'.

If it is Windows 10, the problem is Windows cannot open this file. Thus, if you are unable to open the RAG file correctly, you may long-press or right-click the file. With this click, it will show as ‘Open with,' and you get to choose an application.


How to resolve RAG files related problems

  • Associate the file extension of RAG with the correct application. You may right-click on the RAG file and click on "Open with" - "Choose another app." Then, select another program and check the box "Use this app always to open *. Rag files".
  • Time to update your software so that it opens the adult game data files. The current version only supports the RAG latest file format. Therefore, search on the manufacturer website the RAGS Game after you get the update of RAGS Games File.
  • Finally, do not miss out to ensure your RAG file is not virus-infected or corrupted. It is best to scan the file and to install and to use it. 

Do you know the process of how to open the mbox file? The term ‘mbox’ represents ‘Mailbox.’ It is a mail format created for storing and organizing in a single text file the email messages. 


Who uses mbox files?

The mailbox programs are saved as mbox files in an email storage format on your computer. However, not all the mailbox programs make use of the mbox file. Only a few such as:

  • Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Entourage 2008,
  • Qualcomm Eudora

These programs use this mailbox program, and they only can open it.

You can vie these with many text editors such as:

  • Notepad,
  • Open Office Writer
  • Microsoft Word. 


mbox files


Steps to open mbox file

  • Right-click on the mbox file.
  • Click on open with and select the option ‘Choose Default Program.'
  • Select one of the options offered by Windows, as they are default programs available on your computer and it opens the file.
  • Click on Browse only in case Windows fail to show default programs. 
  • Search for a text editor or a mailbox software and click on ‘Open.'
  • Finally, click on ‘OK,' yes, your mbox file will open.


Now you can download your Gmail data easily as Google offers MBOX file. With this mbox file, you can do lots. You can keep a backup offline or move your emails into a new Gmail account or email service. 

Getting an offline copy previously of your Gmail means you need to download the Gmail archive entirely in Thunderbird over IMAP. The best part is now in a few clicks, and you are good to take on the Google Takeout website. 

How to import into Thunderbird your Gmail MBOX

Recently, more data is stored in the cloud. The contacts, email, photos, documents, calendar entries, and a lot more are on the Google servers.  Thus, it is best to import into Thunderbird your Gmail Box.

  • Use Mozilla Thunderbird as it is open-source, free, runs on Mac, Windows, and Linus, while it natively supports MBOX files.
  • Install Thunderbird on the computer, add any email account to Thunderbird after opening it.
  • Close the email account after adding to Thunderbird and locate the 

C:\users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\########.default\Mail\Local Folders\ folder on your computer, where your username is your NAME and ######## is eight random characters.


How to open on a Mac a mbox file?

There is a need to import into Apple Mail the MBOX file following these steps:

  • Copy to your Mac. the .mbox file...
  • Open Apple Mail.
  • Type "File->Import Mailboxes" menu command.
  • Check the option ‘Files in mbox format' and click ‘Continue.' 
  • IN the next window, select MBOX files and click on ‘Continue.'
  • Done


An MBOX file has mail storage saved in one text file. The primary name given in Apple Mail to this inbox mail folder is INBOX.mbox and Mac OS X is the default email program. 



Advantage of a .mbox file

The mbox file is the common format to store on a hard drive your email messages. All the messages are stored as a long, single, text file in a string of e-mail concatenated messages. MBOX files were used on Unix.

The mbox file format also includes non-text attachments such as files and images.


A file having .ACSM file extension is an Adobe Content Server Message file. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) uses this format to download and activate Adobe DRM protected content.

Not like standard Ebook Files

It is crucial to know that ACSM files in the regular sense are not standard eBook files. They can't be opened and read the same as the other eBook formats such as PDF

The ACSM file has information communicating with Adobe servers. There is no eBook locked, nor there is anything to extract from the ACSM file the book. 

Download Data

Instead, the ACSM files containing the data can be downloaded as it has the authority that the book is purchased legally. You can download The eBook through the Adobe Digital Editions program. You can use the same software, and it can be read in any of your devices.


How to open an ACSM File

Precisely, once your device is set up properly, you can open the ACSM file so that you register the book to the Adobe Digital Editions configured ID, and then to read the book-running ADE on any device.

You can do this using the same user ID, and there is no need to repurchase it. 

Adobe Digital Editions are employed to open ACSM files on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices. When you download the book on a device, you can download it in any other device with the same user ID.

Use the free version of Adobe Digital Edition.

You can download it from here:

There may be a need to install Norton Security Scan or any other program during the ADE setup.

These programs may necessarily not be related, so you can opt-out, but be careful to watch during the installation for that option.


Use the Help > Authorize Computer menu in Adobe Digital Editions so that you connect to the Adobe Digital Editions, your eBook vendor account.

In this way, you can assure your books are available on other devices as re-downloadable. You can do that even if your device fails. Or if you delete the book. Thus, you don't have to buy the book to read on other devices.

Adobe Content Server Icon

You can read the protected Adobe DRM data through the account on the authorization screen. It also means you can open on other computers and devices the same ACSM file with the same user ID.

You can authorize the computer without ID by checking in the correct box through the Authorize Your Computer screen.


How to Convert an ACSM File to PDF

As the ACSM file is not an eBook, you cannot convert it to another eBook format. The ACSM file is a simple text file describing how to download a real eBook. It may be a PDF, etc.

As there is DRM protection, converting the actual eBook file into a new format is impossible.

Thus, find the file downloaded using Adobe Digital Editions. You can use a file converter program to pdf to open it such that it supports the book format such as

From there, convert as per your needs into a suitable format. So that you use the eBook on the Kindle device.


You can find the ADE downloaded book by right-clicking in Adobe Digital Editions on the book and choosing Show File in Explorer. Mostly, in Windows, it will be as:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Digital Editions\ folder.

An open source video editor is a software of program to create or edit video files. It is special for being easy to share among end-users. The software has many possible uses:

  • Manipulating any video image.
  • Record the videos.
  • For Videos post-production edit and design. 
  • To Edit raw footage and edit in the digital file formats. 
  • STo hare uploaded videos.
  • Export the videos to any external media. For example a DVD.


Video editing software is expensive, but the introduction of an open-source video editor to the mix now makes it easier and cheaper to obtain a videos editor.

In fact, many of the open-source video editors available for download are now free of charge. Thereby, making it easy for all and sundry to access video editors without spending a dime.

You can download the open-source videos editors on workstations, mobile devices and desktop computers. 

The open-source video editors come with various tools to convert file formats, cutting segments, re-sequestering clips, joining clips, adjusting contrast and brightness, rotating or cropping footage, adding sound or adding transitions and several other effects. 


Best Open Source Video Editors for Windows and MAC

The software equally enables cloud-based videos editing. These applications are for desktop computers. Be that as it may, you can easily get access to the cloud-based versions, They make it possible for you to connect to different online and social accounts to share your movies.

There are many open sources video editors out there today and some of them are below:


Open Source Software Definition - What is?

Open source stands for software whose source code is available freely to everyone. The sources are not restricted. The code is open to the users.

It can, therefore, be modified and redistributed by virtually any of the end-users. It is special computer software with its source code being made available under license and the holder of the copyright to that software give the end-user the complete freedom and right to distribute, change and study the software as he pleases.

Most of the apps or programs downloaded on Android mobile devices are open-source programs.

As a result,  you can transfer the apps from one android device to another. This is unlike the closed-source apps available iOS, which you cannot transfer easily. 


The development of open-source software can be in collaboration with the public, which makes the open-source software a good example of open collaboration. You can obtain a diverse perspective from open source software development beyond that of any single company.

According to a Standish Group report released in 2008, the adoption of open-source software models has led to the saving of up to $60 billion per annum for end-users of open-source software. The open-source software has some similarities with the free software. And it is a part of a far broader term of open-source and free software.

Advantages of open source 

  • No commitment: Closed-source codes will require a licensing commitment of about a few months. It will assure you that you will not end up paying for any system that you will end up not using or you do not like. There is also no time commitment and you can use the software any time you like and for as long as you like. You can equally stop using the software any time you like without ever bothering about any limitation whatsoever.
  • Easily customizable: You can easily customize the open-source software any way you like. In fact, open-source codes are made available to be rebuilt, tinkered with and also torn apart the way you like. You can get your team of developers to transform the code to virtually anything that you like. 
  • It is usually free: In most cases, you will never have to pay a dime to use the open-source code. Even if you have to pay, you will only pay a very small or insignificant amount of money. The open-source code is usually free, while you will only have to pay if you need high-level support or you want to benefit from a regular update of the software. The support and update on some open source codes may even be provided for free. While you may have to pay for updates, you will never have to pay a dime for the source code itself. It helps you to save on licensing fees and you can also modify the code to suit your needs. 

Are there disadvantages?

While open source has so many advantages, it also has some disadvantages that you should take note of. Some of the disadvantages are below:

  • The functions are fewer than those of closed-source codes. You may, therefore, not like the open-source code if you want all the bells and whistles to be present in the software. 
  • You will also experience limited support on the code since most open source developers do not provide free support. 
  • There is the possibility of a never-ending "fixing" by the development team since they may have to keep on tweaking the open-source code if they are unable to find a perfect working code that can meet your specific needs.   

Open-source software licensing 

Any time an author contribute to any open-source project, such action is under a license. If the project in question is, for example, the license for the project will be Apache Contributor License Agreement. Be that as it may, not all open source projects take contributed code under a license. Only a joint assignment of the copyright from the author is required in such a situation. To make it easy to accept the code contributed to that particular project. Good examples of a free software license or open-source licenses are below:

Open source license has proliferated expressly over the years and this is a negative aspect of the open-source movement since it is usually difficult to properly understand all the legal implications of various types of licenses. There are over 180,000 open source licenses out there today and over 1400 of these licenses are unique.

There has been a dramatic increase also in the complexity in the decision process about the management of the use of open-source within the "closed-source" commercial enterprises.

Some of them are modeled. While some other ones are home-grown. The modeled ones are made in line with the mainstream FOSS licenses, good examples of which are below:

Consequent of the above, many practitioners of open-source projects begin to adopt classification schemes for grouping FOSS license.

The open-source/ free software movement recorded a very important milestone in 2008. US federal appeals court  confirm that free software licenses can set conditions that are legally binding on the use of works that has copyright.


Open source PDF editor

The open-source PDF editor is very easy to use and share with other users, just like every other form of the open-source document. The open-source PDF editor can modify document outlines. It can also add, modify and delete rubber stamps. Furthermore, the software can also modify annotation comments, as well as, add text annotations. What is more, the software is reliable as a highlighting tool and can also modify document security. 

Furthermore, the open-source PDF editor can save optimized documents and also  insert images. All the contents of the open-source software can be easily shared among interested end-users without any restriction whatsoever. If you need to modify document pages, the process can also be easier when you use an open-source tool, which can also be used for easy extraction of document pages. 

It is easier to merge PDF documents when you use open source tools compared to when you use closed-source PDF software. Inserting or modifying text in a PDF file also becomes easier when an open-source PDF is used.

Those who need to modify or insert attachment annotations can equally do so using an open-source PDF. If you want to delete, modify to insert any document image, you can also get it done easily with the help of open-source software. The tool also makes it easier to delete, modify or insert vector drawing including paths, lines and curves. The benefits are simply endless. 


Open source Images

Open source images stand for images that are either under creative commons or available in the public domain. As a result, such images can easily be for virtually any purpose since their use, distribution, editing, modification or even deletion do not carry any limitation whatsoever.

The free images come with licenses, but the licenses give the end-user the freedom to use the image as he likes. Despite the freedom of modifying or distributing open-source images, those images that are under Creative Commons still carry some limitations that every end-user must be aware of. These limitations are below:

  • CCA: You must give credit to the original owner of the image each time you distribute it to a third party. 
  • CCA+NC: You must give credit to the original owner; at the same time, you are free to use the image for any purpose not commercial. This means you can't sell the images. Also you cannot use them to advertise your commercial products or services on your page or any other website for that matter. 

Be that as it may, it is possible to use under Creative Common images for commercial purpose, however, if you pay for the images. The payment accords you the full right to use the image as you like without any restriction or penalty whatsoever.

After paying for the images, you will never need to give credit to the original owner or link back to the source of the image. If you are not paying, however, and you want to use the images for free, it is imperative to link back to the source of the image. If you are using multiple images for free, then you must link back to the source for each image; this is in your best interest. 

At the same time,  you can use some open source images without linking back to the source of the image. You will also not need to ask for permission to use the image most times. You can use these  images on your website free of charge without you committing copyright infringement. However, you must first confirm if it is an open-source image before you use it.  


Open source CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Open source CRM, on the other hand, is a CRM system that makes use of open-source programs with the source code being available in the public domain. So that the end-users can easily and freely modify or use the system as they deem fit without any hindrance, rule or limitation.

Anyone interested can download the source code and even modify it as he pleases. You are also free to distribute the source code, either as the original copy or as the modified form.

The open-source code converts from its simple form into something complex  varying complex applications by tweaking the code to satisfy your needs. Such tweaking will never attract any penalty since it is an open-source CRM code.

Many CRM developers usually depend on open-source libraries. Open-source CRMs are of different types, however. 

  • Some of them are 100% open source.
  • Some other ones are hybrids of private codes and open-source codes. 


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