Best Adobe InDesign training Courses Online

Whether you are new to InDesign or you have used this graphic design and layout publishing software in the past and you want an inDesign refresher course, you have come to the right place. This post highlights 10 of the best Adobe InDesign courses short and long offered by top online learning sites like LinkedIn, … Read more

How to create a PDF file from Word and Scanned Documents

You can create PDF files in many ways, we will see here the most common.   How to Create A PDF fileĀ    From a Word Document You can use microsoft word from microsoft office to convert a doc file to a PDF. Creating a PDF in word is as simply as usingĀ  the save … Read more

How to Create a Zip File on Windows 10 and MAC

  A compressed zip file or folder allows you to archive or group multiple files into one single. If you want to send a group of Word documents to someone, for example, you can easily send them as one single file. You can do it if you archive them instead of attaching them to the … Read more