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Open VCD File

File type: Vitual CD File, FarStone Virtual Drive File, Value Change Dump File



VCD files are disc image files of CD/DVDs and contain an exact copy of all the data on the physical disc. Along with the files and data on the disc these image files also contain the information such as the file system information and the boot record data of the disc. These files can be created with the help of the Virtual CD software. These files are recognized by the Windows Operating System as actual discs and can also read the data in spite of the fact that these are files that reside on the hard disk. These files allow for the usage of the CD/DVD drives on the computer without the need of the physical discs easily. These files can be mounted over a virtual drive which is created by the Virtual CD software and can be then browsed and run just like any other physical drive.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Altera Quartus II, EZB Systems UltraISO, FarStone VirtualDrive, Roxio Easy Media Creator, H+H Software Virtual CD
Open with Linux: GTKWave
VCD files are also used by the FarStone software application as copies of CDs or unprotected DVDs that have been saved over the file system or the hard disc as compressed image files or as virtual discs as explained above. These files can be executed instead of the original disc files whose copy they are and be mounted over any of the virtual drives on the system. These files are also used as dumped data that is generated by the logic simulation software application and is generally saved in a standard ASCII text format. These files contain special header data, value changes for specific variables as well as variable definitions. The value changes are given in the form of scalar of vector depending on the type of the variable that is being queried. Since these files are standard text based files they can be opened or edited using any standard text editor.
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