Open VSP File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

  • Type: ClosetMaid Visual Storage Planner Design, SPX Sprite, VideoStudio Project, Virtusales ASP Compiler Project
  • Extension: .VPS


What is

VSP files are most commonly created, edited, read and opened by Visual Storage Planner which is a software which was developed by Computer Human Interaction, LLC.

It is a three-dimensional designing tool for planning and laminating storage solutions throughout the house. Video Studio is an application that is used for designing, editing and authoring videos. The projects created using the Video Studio application are saved as .VSP files standing aptly for Video Studio Project.


Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Visual Storage Manage, Video Studio
Open with Linux:
VirtuaSales is a web authoring tool that is used for the creation and publishing of web sites and other web related contents through the internet to various sites.
The VirtuaSales creates projects that have the various files associated with that web application and are saved as VSP.
These are essentially plain text ASCII based files that contain the details of the project such as the list of files in the project, the project configuration details, etc.