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Open WEBP File

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On September 30, 2010, Google announced the publication of a new open standard for compression with 24-bit graphics loss on the web. The model for this standard was the VP8 video format, developed by On2 Technologies and that Google had acquired that same year.

Thereafter, Google expanded the WebP format with features such as a lossless compression mode, transparency (alpha channel) and animations. Chrome supports the compression format since the end of 2010, but so far, as has happened with Opera, it has had to assume that many browsers only support WebP experimentally (such as Safari and Firefox, whose regular updates are still unsupported) .

According to its own statements, Microsoft would be currently working to support it in its own Edge browser.


How to open WEBP Files

If you want to see images or animations encoded in WebP, you have several options at your fingertips:

  • Browsers like Chrome or Opera
  • Irfanview a free image viewer for Windows


Using Photoshop

To open a WebP file in Photoshop we will have to use a plugin that adds this compatibility to the Adobe tool.

The software in question is called WebPFormat and we can get it from this link. There we will find the links for the 32-bit and 64-bit version, so before downloading them we must make sure that we get the version that matches our system.

Once downloaded, the next thing we have to do is unzip the file that is saved on our hard drive. Inside the compressed file we will find a file with the name WebPFormat64.8bi, which corresponds to the plugin itself. Therefore, now it only remains to install it.


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