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Files type: Microsoft Works Word Processor Document Files


What is

WPS files are created using the Microsoft Works Word Processor, which is very similar to the Microsoft Word’s .DOC document file but differs from it in the sense that it does not have the advanced formatting features or the macros that the Microsoft Word document can have.

These files can generally be opened using most of the versions of Microsoft Word which comes along with the Microsoft Office package.

These files can also be opened and read by the Microsoft Publisher software which is a web site authoring tool which is also a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, for opening the WPS document in the publisher you might have to select the option to open Word 2000 file or All File Type in the open dialog box to be able to see your file.

Then you can browse to the location where this file is stored and you can double click on it to open.

The Microsoft Works’ version for the MacOSX had been discontinued after the version 4.0 of it released and also the WPS format files themselves been discontinued to be used or supported by the Microsoft since the year 2006 and since then.


Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works
Open with Linux: