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Open XDF File

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AXDF file is a compressed format of binary file that has user levels of selectable compression. This is an implementation proprietary of Microsoft R Server.

XDF is an engineered native file format that helps in columnar data retrieval. The data in this format is available stored in blocks. It offers the benefit of distributed file systems that overwrites or appends the import operations at the block level.


How to open XDF files

There is software such as ML R Server that allows the opening of XDF files.

However, without a proper software, a message on the Windows appears as ‘How do you want to open this file?’ or as ‘Windows cannot open this file’ in Windows 7 or as an alert in Mac/Android/iPhone.

In case you are unable to open correctly. There is a need to keep the file under long-press or even to try to right-click. It will 'Open with' click, and you get to choose the application.


This type of file does not open directly as it has no software. Besides, no information is available in this file type about public sources.  This happens with internal data files, temporary files, caches, etc.


A quick way 

There are different software packages for different file extensions, and when you are unable to open an XDF file, it may be due to these reasons:

  • The file may be corrupt.
  • The associated software is not available on your computer.
  • There may be the required software or format image available, but it does not associate XDF files as it is not configured to the relevant software.


When there is relevant software, and your computer is unable to open the software, there is a need to change on Mac or Windows the file associations. Based on the operating system, ensure to open XDF files on your computer. Choose the program of your preference such that it uses XDF files.

Yet, if it fails to work, contact the software developer to know what to do. You may contact developers and acquire assistance or more information. In some instances, an error message may be received stating a file is corrupt. In case you try all the ways, and it fails to work, request, or download a new copy and ensure it works.

The XDF files normally open through a developed program. But you may also open it through File Magic, a universal file viewer. You may download from the Microsoft Store, the File Magic and open XDF file in an easy way.


How to solve issues

  • Use suggested programs. Choose an app by right-clicking any XDF file. Select another program and check the box .Sdf files.
  • Update software to open binary file om r servers as it supports the format of the latest XDF file. For instance, the ML R Server update is on the website of Microsoft manufacturer.


Convert to PDF

If you want to convert XDF to PDF just download the converter here

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