What is a .XLSX File – How to Open XLSX Format – Programs

File type: Microsoft Excel Open XML Document


XLSX is a spreadsheet format that was introduced by Microsoft Excel 2007 which came as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite 12.

These files store the data in the cells and organize them in rows and columns as a table. These spreadsheets can be created with the help of Works 8.0. Also you can create it with Microsoft Excel.

The XSLX format of the spreadsheet is based on the Open XML format. It has a ZIP compression for smaller file sizes. These files are not directly backwards compatible with Microsoft Office 2000, or Office XP or even Office 2003. But they can support it using component support. Let’s see how to open XLSX File with a free viewer or software.


How to Open XLSX File

Category: Data File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows:
  • Windows Server with GemBox.Spreadsheet .NET component,
  • Panergy docXConverter,
  • OpenOffice.org Calc,
  • OxygenOffice Professional,
  • Excel 2000, XP,
  • Excel 2003 with the Compatibility Pack installed,
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above versions
Open with Linux: OxygenOffice Professional